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Titan Pest Control specializes in both Residential & Commercial pest control services. Located in busy & sunny Florida, & proudly serving: Lake County, Orange County, Osceola County, & Polk County, our client is on a mission to provide affordable, dependable, and expert service to their customers while maintaining a small business feel.

The Problem

Titan Pest Control engaged OMG National to receive a steady flow of leads through Google. As Google encapsulates over 90% of market-share, we identified LSA & GBP as two layers we needed our client to be in now.

The Methodology

We factored vertical-specific considerations into our strategy as well as this client's unique competitive landscape. We addressed the need to be competitive organically in the GMB layer. On the introductory and campaign launch calls, we went into great depths on how the LSA program would be built out, would run, and how to manage it properly. We also built it out with best practices, taking care to set the ad-levers appropriately, and to make use of all the ancillary features the platform has to offer, in addition to applying our bid methodology at consistent intervals.

The Results

LSA Results: The LSA campaign has been live for a few days over 1 month. In that time, we were able to efficiently deploy & manage our client’s narrow weekly budget of $380 by intelligently bidding. This resulted in 35 charged leads & 8 free leads, for a total of 43 leads from LSA alone (½ of the product our client is on). Client is ecstatic and routinely pauses the LSA because they cannot accept more jobs. Always a good sign.

GBP Results: The other half of the product focuses on GBP (Google Business Profile) in order to handle the organic (“free”) leads by means of GBP. Since GBP transactions are not monetized on a per transaction basis, they are incredibly important to our client’s long-term ROI. We handled the GBP by means of taking care of directories, signal posts, responding to reviews, and utilizing all the bells & whistles on a consistent basis.

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