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Harness The True Power Of Facebook With One Powerful Social Product

This is a fairly new product for a pre-existing client, the client already had a longtime LME for another company they own. The product was rolled out in October 2022 and throughout November and December 2022, the OMG National Social Media Team gathered information.

The Methodology

Throughout November 2022, Social Media Specialist Courtney watched the original content to see what worked best, what garnered the most engagement, and to see which boosted post audiences worked well with that content to yield more impressions and results. By paying attention to branding, Courtney was able to craft social media campaigns that were both attractive and attention-grabbing to get more calls and clicks throughout the month of November. By December, the results had improved.

Paid Social Analyst Marc figured out which combination of creative and targeting worked best by the beginning of December 2022 and allowed the ad to run through the learning phase uninterrupted, also yielding excellent results.

The Results

In December 2022, the numbers showed impressive improvements. Engagement was up 43.48% from November 2022 to December 2022. Impressions were up 36.22% from the previous month also, and the Cost Per Result (per like) was down $0.41, 30.42%.

The client is pleased with the progress we’ve made in such a short period of time and looks forward to a long relationship with OMG National.

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