Over 95% of consumers go online to find local services and paid search ads occupy 100% of mobile search screens

Jason Spencer from the Stratum Real Estate Group in Cedar City, Utah came to us in early February 2021 looking to increase his online presence and generate more leads as an agent. He had been running Google Screened Ads but was very dissatisfied with the results as the calls he was getting were not relevant to his services and most people were calling to just ask questions. He decided to try our Google Ads program as an alternative to see if he could achieve different results.

The Problem

The biggest issue facing this campaign is the reality that the real estate market is highly competitive. Beyond just the local real estate agents advertising on Google Ads, you have to compete against some of the major national brands such as,, and To make it even more difficult, these search results are also secondary to Google Screened services.

Real Estate

The Methodology

We had to really make his ads stand out and give potential customers a reason to click on his ad. Having a highly optimized campaign that triggers only for qualified leads is extremely important and very difficult because the real estate market is so varying. Utilizing our in-house, custom real estate taxonomy of keywords, ad copy and fully built out extensions dedicated to his services, we were able to pinpoint the exact keywords that would get Jason the clientele he was looking for in the areas he wanted to target. With a modest budget of only $600/month, we had to deliver those high-quality leads at a low cost.

The Results

Since the campaign has launched, he has received 2400+ clicks at a cost per click of only $1.62! His ads have been seen in 23k searches and have been clicked on at a click-through-rate of 10.71% (3x the national average for real estate agents). He raves about getting several quality leads a week, which is not an easy task for realtors. Jason has been so satisfied with our services that he plans to further invest in Google Ads and is willing to provide a video testimonial to the success he is seeing!


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