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OMG National is proud of a strong track record with regard to staying ahead of industry trends.

Since Pool Categories were recently added to Local Services Ads, OMG approached Business owner Ted Hunters with a unique proposition: Would you like for your business to be advertised at the Top of Google? Ted’s Answer - “Yes!”

1. The Problem

Google is a well known facilitator which nearly every small business owner must consider utilizing as some component of their digital strategy. Google is also reputable & accounts for the majority of search engine market share; it's where most folks look to find an answer. That said, Ted’s biggest challenge was getting his business to stand out among competitors in a crowded digital landscape.

2. The Methodology

OMG’s Google Calls Advisor Product is an industry-leading solution that combines two powerful Platforms: Local Services Ads (LSA) & Google Business Profile (GBP). Our product methodology is simple yet effective:

3. The Results - Local Services Ads (LSA)

Ted signed up with us on May, 10, 2022. We were able to earn the Badge of Trust in less than 10 days thanks to our seasoned Onboarding Crew. The process was quick, simple, and most importantly, demanded no more than a few hours of Ted’s time. Within 3 months, we were able to secure #1 placements for Pool Contracting & Pool Cleaning respectively, allowing Ted’s business to capitalize on what we call Early Mover’s Advantage. We were also able to leverage LSA to drive 67 total calls to Ted’s business, proudly yielding 22 calls per month from LSA alone with a very modest weekly budget. Right Pool Care continues to dominate their local market & stand head & shoulders above the pack.

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4. The Results - Google Business Profile (GBP)

Right Pool Care Case Study 11

True to our word, Google Business Profile handled the organic heavy-lifting. We were able to secure the following increases by consistently seeding fresh & relevant organic content to the profile. Furthermore, we also took care of standardizing information across many relevant directories. Below, we’ve listed the strongest positive changes from a 3-month span:

  • Total Searches (Current 90 Days vs. Previous 90 Days) = +5,353 Searches
  • Total Views (Current 90 Days vs. Previous 90 Days) = +6,157 Views
  • Total Activity (Current 90 Days vs. Previous 90 Days) = +135 Total Activities

Client's Relevance, Distance, and Prominence

Client's Local Rank across their geographic area improved significantly, using their most important keywords!

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