Dom's Pizza Subs & Wings Lme Case Study 02

Harness The True Power Of facebook With One Powerful Social Product

This case study illustrates the power of engagement through our like campaign and boosts. Dom’s Pizza Subs & Wings is a long-time client of OMG, they’ve been on the LME product since 2019 and have historically done well. Their Facebook page is old, created in 2009.

The Problem

As previously mentioned, this client’s social media campaigns always did well, but due to a lower monthly fee, they were ineligible for the like campaign and the boosts. While the content we created garnered organic interest on their Facebook page, we knew that a like campaign and boosts would catapult this client’s results to a local audience that might be looking for a great new restaurant in their city.

Dom's Pizza Subs & Wings Lme Case Study 03

The Methodology

In Feb. 2022, they increased their fee and were eligible to receive a like campaign and boosts for their monthly social media campaign posts. This had an almost instant positive effect on engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of a high-quality like campaign that generates interest in the page, as well as boosted posts that extend past the organic reach of the page to achieve more brand awareness. Also working overtime to generate engagement and new business are the boosted posts created by Marissa. These posts are not only high quality, but they also achieve consistent branding through Marissa’s use of colors, logo, and effective stock imagery. As the like campaign works to generate more of an audience for the page, the boosts are also bringing in website traffic and calls from potential customers who may not have even known about the business previously.

Dom's Pizza Subs & Wings Lme Case Study 01

The Results

The month of August was a great month for this client. Marc’s like campaign optimization and Marissa’s consistently good, boosted posts yielded the best results to date.

Marc’s like campaign alone, between Feb. 2022 and August 2022 has garnered 384 likes alone. For a page that is 13 years old, 15.6% of the total likes were generated only from the like campaign over a span of just 6 months. The good news is that engagement and results are steadily increasing over time, with the number of likes growing month over month.

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