35% of Consumers Who See a Facebook Ad Will Respond by Visiting the Store or Website

This client signed on to our Facebook Ads product last fall, and their ads were launched in November 2022. This client’s business is ideal for social media - pets and pet products tend to be very well-received on Facebook and Instagram, and this vertical typically sees heavy engagement at a very low cost.

The Problem

The biggest hurdle for this client was the fact that, when they signed on with us, their store had not yet opened. They wanted to generate buzz, send people to the website, and promote some of the products they offered online, as well as promote the future opening of their store. Because of this, they didn’t have many assets. Their website also needed a lot of work and they signed on as a WebWorx client, as well.

Mockup 2
Mockup 1

The Methodology

With no storefront, no solid website, and few assets, we knew we needed to strategize. Targeting was easy - pet owners, pet lovers, etc. are a strong and engaged demographic. We needed to strategize further when it came to assets and ad types. The client was advertising in a high income area, selling luxury pet accessories, so our video needed to match. We utilized stock and integrated the few assets we did have to create a “high end” looking video that was humorous, eye-catching, and engaging for users.

The Results

In the first 90 days following campaign launch, the ads garnered 251,252 impressions and 5,992 website visits, with a cost per result of $0.37/click. We performed a/b testing throughout December 2022 to determine best ad types and to optimize results, and in early January 2023, we made some adjustments to targeting and the video content to get more clicks at a cheaper cost. Overall, the client happily reported that the website visits have increased his customer base significantly. With a storefront opening soon and a new website coming, we see a bright and successful future with Facebook Ads for this client.


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