Webworx Case Study (2)

75% of consumers will not consider your business without a website!

With decades of experience keeping South Floridians safe from rats, insects, and other harmful pests, the team at AAA Pest Control offers a level of pest prevention expertise you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

This client wanted a modern design for their company’s website. The main purpose of the website is to acquire new customers. Through utilizing our methodology, the client was satisfied with the development of the website and later its performance.

Before & After

The client’s old website was outdated. The interface was not attractive and cluttered with too much information for the users to digest visually.

Pest Control Services In South Florida (2) Pest Control Services In South Florida



The Methodology

Our goals were to increase traffic to the client’s website in order to increase their customer acquisition. There are various website best practices that were implemented:

Clear call to actions throughout the design

Simple to digest paragraphs of information with imagery to match

Highlight of customers reviews to build trust

Simple eye catching design; less cluttered

Setup Goal Conversions: Form Fills, Phone Calls, Maps Clicks, Email Clicks

Setup Google Analytics

Website Performance

The year to date results shows that the amount of new users over the last year has been at a high. These clients continue to receive form fills/ inquiries and phone calls to match. Also, the bounce rate has been low as seen above which indicates that the users have been spending time on the website.

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