Over 95% of consumers go online to find local services and paid search ads occupy 100% of mobile search screens

AAA Pest Control is a full-service pest control company serving Fort Lauderdale, FL and surrounding areas in South Florida. They offer a full array of pest control services for any situation. They came to us in Feb 2020 after working with a previous marketing company that “dropped the ball”. We had to deliver and instill confidence with this new Google Ads campaign.

The Problem

The market in South Florida is always very competitive. They have to compete against multiple other local companies in addition to major national brands such as Truly Nolen,, Terminix, Orkin among many others. Most people will be more inclined to go with a major brand because of reputation so we had to instill confidence for our customers to go with a local company. Not only that, they also have to compete with Google Guarantee Ads which occupy the top of the Google search results page. We had to find a way to make them stand out from the competition.

Aaa Pest Control 7.jpg

The Methodology

We have an in-house, custom taxonomy of keywords, ad copy and extensions that was built from acquiring the best data from all of our previous Pest Control Ads campaigns. We implemented these with an extra emphasis on the South Florida market and locations. Geo-targeting each area with keywords and bids made our ads stand out in places where we could find a gap between the major competitors. Our copy also emphasized the local and family-oriented aspect of the company to reach customers on a more personal level. Once the search ads were running, we decided to incorporate Display and Retargeting Ads to further increase brand awareness and remind previous visitors to the website to reconnect with the business.

The Results

Since the campaign launched in 2/20, they rank 3rd overall in impression share above major national brands like Orkin, Home Advisor and Terminix Nolen. 76% of the time their Ad appears at the top of the search results page (highest in the area above Terminix, and Truly Nolen). These results prove our ads are targeted at the right audience which helps avoid wasting any unnecessary spend and keeps their costs down.


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