OMG National’s Google Business Pro, Helping Businesses Rank Higher on Google to Get More New Customers

Signed up with OMG on 6/10/2020. The owner was very engaged from the beginning. He’s cooperated with photos and reviews, and the results speak for themselves.


The Problem

South Florida is a major market with a lot of competition. Their service area covers from Southern Miami all the way up to Jupiter, FL. Roofing is a very competitive market for advertising which can cause click costs to be well over $30 to appear at the top of the Search results page. You have to go up against other local companies as well as recognized home services websites like Homeadvisor and Angie’s List. Roofing is also a Google Guaranteed industry, which means Ads search results will appear below them, even if you are the top Ad result.

Key Metrics (KPIs)

The main goal for our efforts on our GB Pro program is to increase Search Impressions on Google, Views on Google Search and Google Maps, and Customer Actions in terms of more Phone Calls, Website Clicks, and Direction Requests. This results in a sales funnel similar to an inverted pyramid. More search impressions lead to more views, which lead to more customer actions, which lead to more conversions.

The Methodology

OMG’s GBP Methodology affects Relevance, Distance, and Prominence. This also improves the performance of the Google Business Profile in Local Search.

  • Full build out of the GB profile, adding as many additional attributes as possible.
  • Main category selection (least amount of additional categories as you can)
  • Identifying relevant keywords, and applying these terms in our business posts, media shares, and review responses.

The Results

Due to our optimized campaigns and high quality scores, we were able to keep their cost per click lower than the industry standard which means their budget lasts longer and delivers more opportunities. Over 13k potential customers have interacted with our Ads with nearly 2500 direct phone calls to the business.

After constantly seeing quality leads come in month after month, they kept increasing their budget to continue to top the market. They more than doubled their starting budget and are up to $12,300 dedicated towards Ads monthly.

Paletz Roofing 2

They have the highest impression share in the area at 33%, over Homeadvisor, Angie's List and all the other local competitors. Even more impressive is that they appear at the top of the search results page 70% of the time for any roofing-related queries!

Next Steps

Paletz Roofing & Inspection put trust in our Google Ads team at OMG. They increased their budget and had faith in our team to deliver results. They are now reaping the rewards by having the best performing Ads campaign in South Florida.

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