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35% of Consumers Who See a Facebook Ad Will Respond by Visiting the Store or Website

Client signed on with OMG and Facebook Ads in October 2022. After a fairly good start, we worked for months to optimize results for the client. Their product is good for social media advertising, but a bit niche.

The Problem

This client sells a very niche product to a specific audience - homeowners who live in areas where outdoor time is maximized, and have specific outdoor spaces that require sun shielding. Finding a niche audience on Facebook and Instagram is feasible - it is a major selling point for Facebook Ads - but it does take time. This campaign would require significant experimentation, a/b testing, and optimization over the initial months on Facebook Ads.

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The Methodology

By early 2023, our team was able to determine the assets and types of creatives that work best for this campaign and garner ample engagement. Working with a modest budget, we needed to work to find the right audience.

In March 2023, we developed a strategy to advertise specific patio covers. With spring and summer approaching, we knew that narrowing the focus to specific items would pay off. The client mentioned that they wanted to sell more of their custom patio covers, as the price point is higher and people tended to prefer buying those during warmer weather. We created custom cover-specific messaging, video, and targeted a higher income base of homeowners who also had outdoor and patio interests and results skyrocketed.

The Results


We immediately saw returns, as our custom patio cover-focused ads yielded strong results throughout the month, and are continuing to do better and better. The client is thrilled and says that the quality of their leads and their rate of conversion are both very strong.

The results of the new campaign doubled by the end of the month - from 16 leads in a week to 30 leads, with a cost per lead well under $10. By the end of the month, this campaign had garnered over 50 leads, and the data continues to show strong growth and strong engagement.

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