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Help Your Business Rank Higher On Google To Get New Customers

This client’s LME product was launched in October 2021. Their goal was to draw as many new customers as possible, as well as to promote their indoor playground for events and birthday parties to parents and family organizations. They also requested that they emphasize safety - coming off of COVID closures, they needed to reassure locals that their facility is safe and clean. They provided many high quality assets and, because they were also on the Facebook Ads product, we knew we could get them new followers, new engagement, and new business through paid and organic social media.

The Methodology

We specifically chose a Social Media Specialist whose aesthetic would mesh well with this vertical and this particular client - bit, bold, appealing graphics and videos that would be disruptive in a positive way. The graphics for this client showcase the assets they provided and focus on several requested topics - safety and cleanliness, fun, and parties/events.

The Social Media Specialist chose to keep broad targeting - geographic, parents, grandparents, school and children’s activity interests. We’ve deviated little from that strategy and the results of both the boosts and the like campaign have been outstanding, with the Cost Per Result going down and the number of Results increasing steadily, month over month.

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The Results

Me Land Lme Case Study 02

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