Harness The True Power Of Facebook With One Powerful Social Product

Entertainment is a solid social media vertical. This client signed onto Facebook Pro in mid-February with a goal of getting maximum exposure for his agency’s music artists with a smaller budget. Facebook Pro is ideal for businesses working on more modest budgets, as the goals are brand awareness and engagement.

The Problem

Even though the client’s music artists are talented, the audience size and scope are huge and the artists were relatively new acts without much exposure previously. Working within constraints, but with such a large audience, can be challenging.


The Methodology

We opted to go “big” with the audience size. We targeted all Afro-Beats and similar interests, and research where this type of music is popular. We cast a wide net to try and capture as many impressions as possible, and to get maximum exposure for as little cost as possible. The client allowed us fairly free creative control over the content, so we kept copy simple and directed people to music streaming services.

The Results


This client’s engagement went through the roof early on and has continued to increase. Based on what we’ve created, the boosting, and the like campaign, a brand new page has garnered 254,776 engagements since mid-February, mostly during the month of March. Facebook Page likes were up 1260% and there is no end in sight.

Overall, this client’s artists are getting the exposure they desire at a very low cost. High ROI translates to happy clients, and we are excited to continue promoting this client’s business and his agency’s artists over the following months.

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