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Juan Barreneche & The Goldbar Estate Team opened their office in March 2016 and has since grown into an award-winning real estate team based in Queens and servicing New York and Florida. Juan and the entire Goldbar Estate Team prides themselves on being the most professional, most available, and most successful team around. Juan wanted to acquire as many qualified leads for him and his team as possible. While performing well on Local Service Ads was very attractive to Juan, he also really wanted to improve his Google My Business listing and rank given New York’s saturated market.

The Problem

LSAs represent one of the most important and recent shifts for the Real Estate Vertical on Google. Realtors have historically been limited to Zillow. LSA allows for a fresh & exciting new way to draw qualified leads on Google. Google Calls Advisor was the perfect product for Juan’s needs. On the paid side, we were able to get him on the best lead-generating program for his industry within Google’s ecosystem and work with him to build his paid search presence to maximize his call volume. On the organic side, he was happy to know that we knew the steps required to move through Google’s organic rank so that his team could continue to maximize their free transactions through the GMB layer.

The Solution

We requested large photo sets to populate the Google My Business listing and prioritized reviews for a high review count and score. Juan’s team was able to send a folder with many different photos from professional shoots that the team has had over the course of the last couple of years. This has allowed the Google My Business listing to look extremely professional and consistent. To date, the listing also has 117 reviews and a review score of 5.0. This has helped reflect a great ranking on the Local Service Ads as well. To ensure the proper customer journey from the paid ads, Juan has connected the phone number to his assistant, Portia, who either takes down all necessary information or forwards calls to an available agent. This combination of professionalism, organized management, visual media that we can leverage, & strong responsiveness has led to great results

The Results

Juan ranks among the top 3 realtors for a majority of the service areas in which he covers. Given the saturation of the New York real estate market, this is incredibly difficult to maintain and has set the stage for many high quality leads to be distributed across his team. With Portia, the person answering the calls, being our main point of contact, we have been able to fully secure our client’s  understanding of how to approach valid and invalid calls, as well as how to dispute them properly if needed. This has allowed The Goldbar Estate Team to create an incredibly efficient inbound call system that has welcomed 293 total calls in the last 90 days. Of these, the client has been able to close 13 deals across his team, fully covering his online marketing expenses, and then some, all in one quarter. On the organic side, implementing best practices, building the appropriate listings, and maintaining high quality activity has allowed the Google My Business listing to grow consistently. In the last 90 days, the listing has garnered 2,617 searches with 191 free customer actions.

Next Steps

As we look forward, we are planning to build Juan’s online presence as a thought leader. Since he is so busy with deals, he is unable to blog or develop his SEO. We have been discussing and preparing a plan with our SEO Pro program to create content on his behalf to maximize not only his individual status as a leader in his industry, but also the online rank & visibility of his website.

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