97%, almost 100%, of consumers go online to find local services; OMG National’s Local Marketing Essentials is the foundation for businesses online!

Annaville Air Conditioning has been serving Christi, Texas since 1996 providing premier HVAC services ranging from preventative maintenance to complete AC replacements. Annaville Air Conditioning is an award winning HVAC company and prides themselves on having the industry’s most competitive pricing and their technical expertise. In 2017, James from Annaville Air Conditioning, needed more leads to keep their technicians schedules booked; they were barely getting traffic to their website, weren’t ranking on Google, had a weak social media presence, and most importantly weren’t generating leads from online.

The Problem

Today, 97% of consumers go online to find local services such as HVAC companies; Annaville Air Conditioning was missing out on many potential customers as their online presence was nearly non-existent, they weren’t ranking on Google local searches and their overall online presence was weak. Their online listings, Google My Business, and website all needed optimizing - their reviews needed to be leveraged more efficiently and their social media campaigns needed structure, captivating content, and call to actions to encourage lead generation. James and his team recognized the opportunity to enhance and build their online presence and identified the opportunity for new leads.

The Solution

Immediately after analysing Annaville Air Conditioning’s online presence and digital assets, the team at OMG recommended our Local Marketing Essentials program - this is a complete package for businesses to manage and maintain their online assets, it is a foundation for businesses online and that’s just what Annaville Air Conditioning needed. Annaville Air Conditioning’s website needed to be optimized and revamped, the most cost effective solution to completely leverage their website was our Webworx program - with this, we built them a top-of-the-line website both aesthetically and functionally. To maximize their online presence even further and increase their brand awareness, we signed them up for our Ads Advantage Social program which leverages the power of Facebook and Instagram.

The Methodology

OMG’s team of experts immediately began optimizing Annaville Air Conditioning’s online listings and working on their new website design and functionality. We claimed and synced their business listings across over 400 databases to ensure the information online was accurate and uptodate, this helps businesses get found online! We actively began soliciting reviews for Annaville Air Conditioning and began responding and managing the reviews on Annaville Air Conditioning’s behalf. We created social media campaigns with captivating content including different calls to action, our team also created and built social ads designed to draw in their target customers. Leveraging Facebook and Instagram targeting, we launched ads with target audiences relevant to who Annaville Air Conditioning wanted to be in front of both demographic and interest based. We update their website regularly with specials and promotions and use only the ebay practices to ensure it is optimized organically to achieve the best results online.

The Results

Annaville Air Conditioning has generated over 400 Google Reviews and is rated 5 stars; they have been receiving 10+ reviews a day! They are ranking on the first page for Google local searches and have been getting tons of traffic to their new website. There is no longer a shortage of jobs for the technicians at Annaville Air Conditioning, they are always staying busy with the influx in leads from online!

2020 10 01

Next Steps

We plan to explore SEO options with Annaville Air Conditioning to improve their organic search rankings even more! Our next steps include continuing to do what we’re doing, actively managing their online listings, optimizing their website regularly, launching social media campaigns, and managing their online assets as they’re doing extremely well and seeing tremendous results.

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