Cabs Heating & Air Conditioning Case Study 04

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CABS Heating & Air Conditioning is a full service residential HVAC company servicing the West Sacramento area. They have been in business since 2008. They signed on with OMG National in December of 2020. The main objective for CABS when hiring our team was to aid in generating qualified leads that they can convert into jobs. They had already been on LSA but were not performing well & sought our professional expertise.

The Problem

CABS wanted to substantially improve activity from both LSA & GBP. OMG advised CABS to sign up for our GCA product because LSA is only one component of our GCA strategy; GBP would quietly yield powerful results to aid LSA in satisfying our client’s customer acquisition goal. While LSA targets qualified leads in the paid layer, GBP is critical to build organic presence over time, helping to increase customer actions & free transactions over time. Therefore, we got to work, growing their GBP presence & making heavy modifications to LSA. They already were running LSA on their own but were not getting many leads. Our goal was to set CABS up for success in terms of generating leads beyond their current scope to bring them more business, producing a favorable ROI.

The Methodology

The first step we overcame was successfully linking their GBP listing to their LSA account which appears to have not been done prior. Our Product Manager & Onboarding Team Lead worked personally to get this done quickly. We did this because GBP reviews aid LSA algorithmically when linked. Our client has an excellent GBP reputation with 221 Google reviews & a 4.9 score, so this was a crucial first step. We redefined service areas, adjusted the bidding & budgeting, modified the ad levers, & services offered to ensure their LSA account was as built out as accurately as possible with best practices in mind. We also took care to check for & incorporate several bells & whistles for LSA, the BBB accreditation as well as a spiffy cover & logo photo. The first few months weren’t perfect, and there were some hurdles that needed to be crossed. The GMB & LSA Product Managers got involved, personally meeting with Nika from CABS once a week until our KPIs were up across the board, earning the trust and confidence of our client.

The Results

As of 6/3/2021 the client has been very pleased with the results since Henry and Ajay got involved in March. The client has done a phenomenal job accurately managing their dashboard. They even started their own google sheet to keep track of the ROI for the leads. From January to March (when the results weren’t as strong) the LSA account hardly received any leads. From March 16th to June 2nd, LSA has yielded 46 charged leads, averaging about 15 leads a month. They have also illustrated to us using their Google ROI tracking sheet that since March 16th, they have spent $1,125 on leads which returned $14,014 in revenue!

Cabs Heating & Air Conditioning Case Study 05

Client's Relevance, Distance, and Prominence

Client's Local Rank across their geographic area improved significantly, using their most important keywords!

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