35% of Consumers Who See a Facebook Ad Will Respond by Visiting the Store or Website

This is an ideal client for social media - brand new business, oriented towards family and children, very visual. The business opened in January 2023 and they signed on with OMG National and Facebook Pro just a week before their grand opening. As a new business, this client was essentially starting from scratch with their social media presence (brand new page, brand new accounts, no following) and was looking to build an audience and gain new business.

The Problem

Whenever a client is starting from “zero”, we face a few challenges - finding the right audience, building a sense of community on their social media pages, establishing the brand. This client was also ready to open and wanted to promote their grand opening in a very short period of time. The abbreviated timeline meant that we had to work quickly to establish a sense of brand awareness while maintaining a high level of attention and quality with the content we produced.


The Methodology

Because this client’s timeline was quick, we prioritized production of content, boosting, and the like campaign launch to ensure that word about this new business emerged as quickly as possible. Two of our most talented social media team members were assigned and tasked with creating dynamic, bubbly, bright content that would instantly appeal to families and parents. Because we were starting from scratch, the branding was a clean slate, but the first few months of this client’s social media would be key to building a brand and reputation in their community. We utilized high quality video content, as well as bright, bold static graphics.

We also realized quickly that we needed to target parents, specifically parents of young children. The like campaign targeted area parents of young children (under 12), as well as grandparents and anyone with school interests and PTO interests. We also targeted childcare specialists. The client caters to schools, camps, and after school activities, so we targeted heavily within those demographics.

The Results

  • This client’s social media presence catapulted throughout the month of February, our first full month of Facebook Pro marketing.

  • Beginning at, essentially “zero”, the Facebook page rocketed to 3.9K followers in just weeks! The boost targeting and the like campaign targeting clearly paid off.

  • In the month of February, our content, boosting, and like campaign brought the client’s Facebook page 2,685 likes, which is exceptional.

  • Throughout the month of February 2023, the reach on the Facebook page was extremely high - 66,750, up 1.4K% from page reach in January 2023. Page visits in February 2023 were also extremely high - 63,393, up 1.7K% from page visits in January 2023. Overall, page engagement, visits, and reach have been stellar and there is no end in sight - this client’s social media presence continues to improve exponentially.

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