Palmyra Home For Funerals Gca Case Study 01

OMG National is proud of a strong track record with regard to staying ahead of industry trends.

Our client profoundly understands that the loss of a loved one usually presents alongside a series of difficult events to handle. When faced with this hardship, our client is practiced and experienced in guiding those they help through aspects of the funeral service with compassion, dignity, and respect. 

The Problem

Today’s day & age is characterized by an abundance of technology. With advances in technology, everyone is online. This means it's harder to stand out, have meaningful connections with customers, and get noticed.

The Methodology

While supporting a diverse product-stack, OMG intimately understands the magic of Google. Depending on which metrics you reference, approximately 9 of 10 customers are on Google looking for an answer. Therefore, our Google Product stack is meticulously crafted to allow OMG to build, curate, and grow our clients’ online presence across multiple layers of Google’s results, providing more chances to be found & connected with. The product we deployed here is our Google Calls Advisor (GCA) solution.

The Results

Our deep understanding of LSA mechanics allows us to activate markets wherever we want within the United States. We proceeded to capitalize on what we like to call Early Mover’s Advantage, cementing our client at Rank #1 across mobile devices, where at least 80% of the traffic resides on any given day.

Palmyra Home For Funerals Gca Case Study 02

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