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This was a new restaurant when they first signed on with us, LME product was launched in late September 2021 after some complications during onboarding. The owner was somewhat tech savvy, however, he’d originally hired another marketing company to help with their social media - which proved to be very problematic. The company is infamous for holding pages “hostage” (we’d dealt with them before) and they refused to turn over the client’s pages. We needed to create new social media pages and really win them over. Luckily, this vertical is perfect for social media - paid and organic. The location of the restaurant and the reputation were both stellar, and they sent many excellent, high quality assets of their menu items.


The Methodology

The key with this vertical and having such high quality assets as this client provided is restraint when it comes to content. We created graphics and videos that allowed the menu items to shine, and actually worked to keep the copy and the embellishment as simple and straightforward as possible.

We also kept the targeting for boosting and like campaign as broad as possible to avoid high frequency and ad fatigue. We employed the same creative tactic with the like campaign - let the menu items shine, mimic the client’s aesthetic.

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The Results

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