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TDK Financial Center Achieves Remarkable Growth with OMG National's Google Business Pro

TDK Financial Center, a leading financial services provider in Southgate, MI, was seeking to expand its reach and attract more clients in need of business financial planning, financial advisory, and tax services. In January 2022, TDK Financial Center partnered with OMG National to improve their digital presence, search engine rankings, and overall customer engagement.

The Problem

Before coming onboard with OMG National on our Google Business Pro product, TDK Financial was suffering in their local rankings. Keywords like "Financial Advisor" and "Tax Services" were ranking way down in the page, and "Business Financial Planner" keywords wasn't ranking at all.


The Methodology

Our methodology consists of following Google’s guidelines and recommendations on how to Improve Local Ranking using the Relevance, Distance, and Prominence Factors.

Affecting Relevance
  • Full build-out of the GB profile, adding as many additional attributes as possible.
  • Main category selection (least amount of additional categories as you can)
  • Identifying relevant keywords, and applying these terms in our business posts, media shares, and review responses.
Affecting Distance
  • Adding localities (cities/counties) to the service area section will allow us to pair those cities to the keywords, for optimal SEO off-page, and on page (review responses, business posts, Q&As).
  • Feeding relevant content (business posts, reviews, photos) and pairing the cities, will increase the overall impression traffic over a broader area.
Affecting Prominence:
  • Citation/Directory build out
  • Review generation and responses on GB (using terms from keyword universe)
  • If we host the website, we apply SEO best practices.

The Results

Over the course of the partnership, OMG National's strategies and expertise have led to impressive results for TDK Financial Center. Year over Year increases in Total Searches (+161%), Total Views (+473%), and Total Customer Actions (+1,062%) have proved the campaign to be successful. 

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Furthermore, TDK Financial now ranks well for all three including first place for Business Financial Planner. The business is now ranked 1st for "business financial planning," 8th for "financial advisor," and 11th for "tax services", which has led to a substantial increase in customer activity for TDK Financial Center.

OMG National's Google Business Pro has been instrumental in driving TDK Financial Center's exceptional growth in search visibility, customer engagement, and keyword rankings. These results highlight the effectiveness of GBP as a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their reach, improve their online presence, and achieve success in today's competitive market.

By investing in OMG National's Google Business Pro, TDK Financial Center has significantly enhanced its digital presence, paving the way for ongoing growth in the financial services industry. This concise case study serves as a testament to the value of adopting a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for businesses striving to excel in their respective markets.

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