Over 95% of consumers go online to find local services and paid search ads occupy 100% of mobile search screens

The Eviction Law Firm group based in South Florida has been teamed up with OMG National for over a year. Their legal focus is in residential and commercial evictions. They were seeing results with their organic program, but wanting to boost their leads they decided to sign up for our Google Ads program. Their goal is to drive qualified leads at a marketing expense that works for them.

The Problem

The legal advertising landscape is extremely competitive which means auction prices for keywords are high and clicks can get very expensive. That can exhaust your budget very quickly. Being in South Florida, a highly populated area, means that competition is fierce. There are a minimum of 15 other advertisers in their service area. Not to mention they would also have to compete against Google Screened listings. It was going to be a challenge to stand out from the competition.

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The Methodology

In having a very modest budget of only $600 per month, our team had to figure out the best way to allocate ad spend to keep costs down while still being able to still deliver enough high-quality leads. Targeting specific locations with the right bid caps was essential. We needed to keep the campaign as specific and targeted to their legal services for landlord and tenants as to not cross over into other legal searches and waste ad spend on irrelevant clicks.

The Results

Since May 2020, they have seen 1700+ clicks come in from the Google Ads campaign with 500+ direct phone calls. They have doubled the industry average click-through-rate at 6.75% and their costs were kept at a very affordable $5 per click. The campaign hit the mark with delivering the leads they were looking for without having to exceed their advertising budget. The Eviction Law Firm team has been ecstatic with the results!


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