Me Land Case Study 03

35% of Consumers Who See a Facebook Ad Will Respond by Visiting the Store or Website

This client opened their business during the pandemic and was looking to attract new families as well as people interested in parties and events. As businesses in their area were starting to open up again, this client was concerned that they wouldn’t attract the attention they required with Local Marketing Essentials alone and opted to bump up their social media presence with Facebook Ads. This is a smart move, as the vertical generally works well on social, and Facebook Ads is a great and natural progression from LME when the client wants “more”.

The Methodology

The client provided many quality assets to use and gave us a lot of direction regarding what their goals were. The client initially indicated a variety of goals - calls, website visits, leads. Our first strategy involved a combination of Lead Generation, Traffic, and Click to Call ads. We also had a minimal ad spend to work with - $600/month, or $20/day. We opted to experiment with the three ads types to see what worked best.

We allowed these ads to deliver and noticed after the learning phase ended that the Click to Call ads were underperforming, though the campaign was garnering many leads and many clicks.

In January, we swapped the Click to Call ads for Messenger ads after alerting the DMS to let the client know, and allowed those to pass through the learning phase. The trial worked and all three ad types performed exceptionally well - and continued to perform better and better with each passing week.

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The Results

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