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35% of Consumers Who See a Facebook Ad Will Respond by Visiting the Store or Website

This client came to us in October 2021 with the goal of getting phone calls, but being open to whatever we thought would work. He agreed to provide feedback and gave us many quality assets to use. This is a great vertical for Facebook Ads, also, as it is a visual product and in the important home services/contractor vertical. We have had similar clients do well on Facebook Ads in the past, so we knew that finding the right creative, call to action, and the audience would be key to helping these perform. We were also dealing with a minimal ad spend of $600/month, or $20/day, for a high-priced, high ROI product/service.

These ads have been delivered for about 5 months at this point.

The Methodology

While the client first expressed interest in phone calls, they allowed the ads to pass through the learning phase uninterrupted, and then gave us significant helpful feedback - consistently. They realized that they were getting many new inquiries and leads via their website, and we realized that the Click to Call ads weren’t working as well, so we scrapped the Click to Call and focused on the Traffic ads.

After these delivered for two weeks and passed through another learning phase, we were able to better address the targeting. We experimented with targeting new homeowners, those new to the geographic area, homeowner interests, etc. and found success. We then created a Conversion ad (website leads) based on more feedback from the client and saw more success. With both the Cost Per Result falling and the Results increasing month over month, this campaign continues to be one we watch and learn from over time.

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The Results

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