Palm Coffee Roasters exists to bring the absolute best in coffee and prides themselves on eco-friendliness and speciality coffee sustainability.

The specialty coffee industry is amazing, but can often dissuade consumers by its price and lead coffee drinkers to make it an occasional treat rather than add it to their daily routine, Palm Coffee Roasters strive to offer all the amazing and delicious aspects of specialty coffee without the name “specialty” being indicative of the price. Palm Coffee Roasters places a great importance on consistency and quality however, they were in desperate need of increased online exposure for their coffees and teas to promote their newest products and be found online.

The Problem

Palm Coffee Roasters needed to ramp up their online exposure. They needed to be found more by the average daily online shopper and wanted to promote their newest line of teas. Palm Coffee Roasters were not being found online locally and were missing out on a huge opportunity and market share.

The Solution

OMG National’s solution to increase Palm Coffee Roasters online exposure included our Business Listings and SEO Pro programs with 1 monthly blog. These programs are a perfect powerhouse for dominating the local market and to ensure a strong digital presence. Our SEO Pro optimizes local search results to move websites higher in the search results which ultimately increases exposure and drives more sales.

The Methodology

OMG National’s team immediately began optimizing Palm Coffee Roaster’s online business listings; we claimed and synced their business listings across over 400 databases to ensure the information online was accurate and up to date which will help them get found in online searches! Our Search Engine Optimization team strategically began collaborating with Palm Coffee Roaster’s team to develop a keyword library and began on-page and off-page optimization. We began generating monthly blogs for Palm Coffee Roaster which were written to enhance their SEO as well. We began building links into their website and have added a total of 71 thus far, this also aids in ranking.

The Results

OMG National’s Business Listing and SEO Pro programs have generated amazing results for Palm Coffee Roasters; they’ve seen a noticeable increase in their inbound phone calls and client inquiries. Our marketing team has also shared the backend data where their impressions online and website traffic have also increased significantly (see below). Palm Coffee Roasters was ranking on the 11th page organically for many of their core keywords and is now ranking on the FIRST page!


Next Steps

Palm coffee Roasters is exploring our Google Ads program to drive more exposure and get to in front of audience members who might not see the business organically. OMG’s paid search program is able to target audiences by demographics, interests, and even create lookalike audiences through Facebook Ads and would be an optimal opportunity for Palm Coffee Roasters,

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