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35% of Consumers Who See a Facebook Ad Will Respond by Visiting the Store or Website

This client originally signed on with OMG National for Facebook Ads in March 2022. This client demonstrates where the value of Facebook Ads can be, within a specific vertical with visual appeal, requiring a very specific and somewhat niche audience. This client coaches aspiring bodybuilding models and wanted to target these models and body builders for their elite program.

The Problem

This was initially a new vertical for us, though we have worked with many fitness coaches and experts in the past. We knew that the challenge here would be finding the niche audience and continuing to build upon targeting success, but that would involve frequent ad creative revisions to reduce creative fatigue and frequency, as well as massive input and collaboration with the client. By October 2022, as predicted, the ads we were delivering throughout the summer months were beginning to fatigue, so we needed to revise our strategy moving forward.

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The Methodology

These ads utilized new creative from Graphic Designer Grant, as well as new targeting, refreshed copy, and new destinations (URLs) provided by the client. These ads were broader in tone and message, so Marc was able to adjust the targeting accordingly, hoping to capture more of an interested audience. We utilized interviews and videos created by the involved and proactive client.

The Results

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Total conversions were up 88.89%, from 9 in October 2022 to 17 in November 2022! Further, the Cost Per Results (per conversion) was down significantly, 46.11%. We attribute most of these positive results to the revisions and maintenances, as well as the increased, broad audience. Impressions in November 2022 were up 32.23% from the previous month, October 2022.

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