Drydock Inn & Cafe

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Cafe Drydock & Inn originally signed up with OMG in July of 2015 on our now deprecated Local Marketing Basics Product. In March of 2022, the decision was made to upgrade this client to our GB Pro product and our methodology has made all the difference.

The Problem

Before upgrading to our Google Business Pro product, the listing was getting the bare minimum attention. Reviews were being managed, listings were kept up to date, but without the ongoing publishing and optimization Cafe Dry Dock was being maintained but not proactively worked on.


The Methodology

Our methodology consists of following Google’s guidelines and recommendations on how to Improve Local Ranking using the Relevance, Distance, and Prominence Factors.

The Results

The results of our digital marketing campaign have been astounding, particularly regarding customer interactions. The lifetime percentage change in customer interactions has increased by 279%. This indicates that the digital marketing efforts have successfully captured the attention of potential customers, encouraging them to engage with the business.

Stats White

The YoY percentage change in customer interactions has increased by a staggering 1096%, demonstrating the success of the campaign in driving customer engagement over the past year. This metric reflects a significant increase in the number of customers who are actively engaging with Café Drydock & Inn, resulting in increased bookings and revenue.

The monthly percentage change in customer interactions has increased by 108%, indicating sustained growth in customer engagement, with Café Drydock & Inn attracting more and more potential customers each month.

The results demonstrate that the focus on our GBP Methodology (Posts, Q&As, Reviews, updates) has been a key driver in the success of the digital marketing campaign for Café Drydock & Inn. By proactively engaging with potential customers and encouraging them to interact with the business, Café Drydock & Inn has been able to grow its customer base and drive more bookings and revenue. Overall, the successful partnership with OMG has enabled Café Drydock & Inn to improve its online presence and customer experience, leading to sustained growth and success for the bed & breakfast.

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