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Behind The Scenes


OMG Review Stream is our Review Management platform. Review Stream takes your online reviews to the next level. Now, your positive reviews will automatically populate your website directly…


Manage & Monitor your online reputation - Increase authentic reviews, both 1st and 3rd party



Dynamic website development. Custom, NOT template design. Responsive and Optimized.

Businesses need results and want them fast. After a short “discovery” meeting we get to work identifying your target audience, creating your ads, analyzing your competition and ACTIVATE!


CRUSH the competition. Target your potential customers with strategically placed display ads and robust keyword research.

Do you have a kick-ass “My Business” Google page? How does your business appear on Yelp? On Bing Places? OMG’s Online Directory Management is a powerful component that will help you leverage your directories to get your phone ringing and your website traffic trending up…


Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow Pages - Get found in over 60+ directories. More visibility = more business!


OMG Review Stream 3.0 makes it easy to stand out in search no matter where customers look. Generate authentic reviews directly from your customers, ensure your ratings across the PowerListings® Network are consistent and compelling, enhance customer relationships, and gain valuable insights that help you learn, improve, and win. Learn More Here!


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WordPress has taken the website development world by storm. While many people still think of WordPress as a blogging tool, it has become one of the most popular web development platforms by providing users with a flexible, easy to edit, professional looking websites. Check out our work here!


From device type, to location, keywords and phrases, time, date and more, OMG Crush will get your ad in front of the key customer type at the time when you are ready to do business. Need to speak to each new client? Schedule your inbound calls during office hours! Looking to drive traffic from new home owners in Tupelo, Mississippi? Broken down motorists in Los Angeles? Accident victims in Buffalo? With OMG Crush, we’ll granulate your ads to meet your core audience. Measurable Results

Google My Business


When it comes to finding a local business, it doesn’t matter which app, map, search engine, directory, GPS device, or social network consumers use. What matters is that they receive accurate, complete, and compelling information about your business at every turn. Get found everywhere consumers search!

"I took on the daunting task of recreating an old outdated website at a nonprofit on a very tight budget. OMG National created the most stunning website that was beyond what I had hoped - I still get compliments on it from visitors. Being a non-profit, we are updating our page quite consistently with events, new information, etc. We are fortunate to work with Jennifer McAlpine who listens to what I need and creates it not only perfectly but quickly. I would happily recommend this company to anyone looking to change their website."

— Susan Patterson

"Very pleased with the energy and vision of the staff, especially with regards to the needs for a small businesses like ours in our market. Marketing not just for here and now, but visionary for the future of marketing"

— Wade Wasinger

"They learned my business very well and have consistently shown how much they understand my very specialized, niche market. I love my new webpage; I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from clients and friends. The customer service is great, always trying to make sure I am happy with the results of my marketing plan!"

— Ileana Gonzalez

Moon Landing
For the rest of us

A ground breaking DIY e-book about building your own private rocket. This book covers everything you need to know, from rocket building materials to learning the moon alphabet (in case you meet native inhabitants).

The book is fully illustrated and very easy to follow.

We only have a limited amount of this best-selling e-book, so you have to act fast in order to secure your copy.

Easy to follow rocket blueprints

Secret rocket fuel receipe

Limited edition MLFTROU t-shirt


Guess where I am?

"Let me just say that I have read several e-books about this subject and none of these lead to success. Moon landing for the rest of us is a totally different beast. The guides are so easy to follow and it only took me two weeks to get where I am today. I am now looking forward to the sequel, I simply can't wait to read it."

E-book Content & Extras


Professionel rocket building blueprints. Tired of bad drawings when building complex things? Well, our blueprints are easy to follow and you will be impressed by the finished result.

Rocket Fuel

Build a powerful and long lasting rocket fuel using only ingredients from your local supermarket. Cheap and fairly stable.

Moon Map

Getting around the moon the first couple of days can be tricky. You will get a detailed map of all the key craters on the moon with the purchase of your e-book.

The Iconic Flag

No moon landing would be a real moon landing without the iconic "I was here" flag. Although big when unpacked, the initial size is only 4 x 4 inches.


On your personal moon map, we have marked a good spot where most smartphones can obtain a good signal. Ask your service provider if in doubt.


A luxury printed diploma can be yours if you manage to get back home again from your little journey. The diploma can be delivered in a luxury wooden frame at a small extra cost.

The first 1000 customers will receive a signed copy of "How to get back to earth for the rest of us" once the book is finished and published.


We deliver a wide range of food suggestions for your journey to the moon. Not all dishes are suited for space, we got you covered.


The weather can be a little tricky on the moon. We have gathered a nice list for a small transportable walk-in closet.


The alphabet of the moon is not that hard to learn. And, with the e-book, comes a handy folder with day to day sentences you can use.

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Colors & Layout

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CSS Tricks

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Responsive Design

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