Soliciting Reviews – Leverage Your Own Customers & Impact Your Search Results



Soliciting Reviews – Leverage Your Own Customers & Impact Your Search Results

Soliciting Reviews – Leverage Your Own Customers & Impact Your Search Results

We’ve all been there… you need a new service provider, you ask a friend or relative for a personal recommendation, and short of receiving one, you go to Google, Yelp, or Facebook to find the next best thing, a review.

When the internet was new and businesses created their first-generation websites, we only had biased company information to evaluate. However, in 2019 with the preponderance of review sites, there is no longer much value in hearing what a business has to say about itself, when we can hear directly from their customers.

Google recently stated that Reviews are valuable, only when they have been created without the promise of something in return. The search giant prides itself on being THE SOURCE for information in the internet age and reviews have become a huge part of that.

So how does your company harness this power for itself? How do you ensure that you are doing all you can to capture this valuable, business building content on behalf of your company?

The answer is a little different depending on the nature of your business and how you transact with your customers, clients, or patients. Determining the best approach for your business is the first step. While a real estate firm may close a handful of deals each month, a dry cleaner is cranking out their sales tickets in volume. The approach taken must be much more intimate for the realtor and more systematized for the dry cleaner to be effective and time efficient. Implementing a system, such as the Review Management program developed here at OMG National, will enable you to personalize your approach based on these business factors. Further, specific platforms which are important can be selected, and messaging can be customized for your company and customer type.

The next step is deciding when you should ask for feedback. While some companies elect to send a review request right at the point of sale, others prefer to wait a specific period of time to enable the customer to “feel” the service provided. That flexibility and personalization is imperative. Think about your sales process, and when the optimal time is for your company to request feedback from your customer.

Then, there’s the delivery of the request itself. As email approaches 25 years in age, and due to the massive amount of spam which is filtered out daily from your inbox, emails have much less impact than they once did. Over the past few years, SMS text messages have taken the lead in terms of personal communication. If crafted properly, and assuming you have done business with the customer recently, these feedback requests will get your customers attention and get your reviews trending in the right direction. 

Having positive Reviews has been important to business operators for many years, but recently released Google “signals” have added another important benefit to those 4 and 5-star customer reviews. 

With Google using 3 important ranking signals to determine local search position, these being: Distance, Relevance, and Prominence. Your positive reviews show Google that you are prominent and companies who stand out among the competition with their reviews are clearly rewarded with favorable positioning on the map and elsewhere. This search ranking benefit has a tangible, bottom line value to your company and should not be ignored.

Discussing your Review strategy with an Internet Marketing Specialist is a positive step towards securing a successful 2020 for your growing business!

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Marketing Transparency: OMG’s Core Value

The lack of transparency between businesses and their marketing companies is the number one reason for mistrust and confusion for advertisers. As small businesses utilize internet advertising more and more, they are demanding to know how their dollars are being spent and how their marketing products are working for them.

Advertisers in record numbers are saying, “No more secrecy!” They will no longer work with marketing companies that are not transparent and cannot provide real-time access to performance reporting. 

OMG National is listening to the needs of small business advertisers and is going to great lengths to ensure that its clients can see how their budgets are being spent and how their marketing is benefiting their business across digital channels and tactics.

Understanding how each channel and tactic contributes to their marketing success, provides peace of mind that OMG is going to work for them – every hour of every day, to help them get and keep more customers. 

We are very pleased to announce the recent launch of our OMG Marketing Center (the “OMC”). This new portal is where you can see our marketing efforts come to life. It is where our team works to power our clients’ products and where our clients can keep track of progress and results. 

It is a powerful reporting dashboard that gives our clients insight into how we manage all aspects of our client’s online marketing activity. It delivers real-time reporting, gives them access to their OMG products, and shows them the value that we are delivering. We invite clients to participate as often as they would like in the OMC. It is available anytime on your desktop computer or anywhere on your mobile device.

For OMG, however, transparency is more than just providing access to a marketing dashboard. It is about us making a commitment to our clients to engage with them in open and honest conversations. For us, that begins with a dedicated staff of Digital Marketing Specialists. Their personalized approach to our clients’ marketing services is woven into the fabric of our business, and it can be felt every step of the way from the time we launch our clients and throughout our service together. Transparency On-Demand. Schedule Your Demo Now!

At OMG, a business is more than just a client. We work hard to get to know their business, ask questions, listen, and understand the unique characteristics of their products and services, and goals. Authentically connecting with our clients builds trust, which for us, is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. And now with the OMC, that authenticity has a log-in and we are pleased to show our clients the incredible work that we do for them, day in and day out. 

Please call or email if you would like to learn more about the new OMG Marketing Center and what it can do to enhance your marketing efforts.

Free 6 Point Competitive Analysis

Free 6 Point Competitive Analysis

In business, one of the biggest struggles is finding ways to gain an edge over your competitors. One way to do this is by understanding what your competitors are doing to successfully market their business.

Spying on your competitors is not about stealing their secrets; rather, it’s a way to better understand their strategy, so that you can improve your own – it’s that simple. At OMG, we can help you find out how you stack up against your competition.

Whether it’s mentions, social media, customer reviews, digital ad spend, website performance, keywords strategy, back links, or more, this competitive information is all available to you. All it takes is the right tools and a little help from your OMG digital media strategist.

It is important to understand what tactics that your competitors are using to  outperform you and what is getting them results. Why reinvent the wheel? We call it riding their coattails. We call it winning! Afterall, the internet is an open-book and a level playing field.  It’s up to you to take advantage of this fact to boost your performance online.

This is a great benchmarking opportunity to see where you stand.  Perhaps you are doing better than you think!

For a Free 6 Point Competitive Analysis, click here and fill out our form:

Online Directories: Local SEO

If you own or operate a small business, then you likely know the heavy impact that bad reviews can have on your business. Customers are paying more and more attention to online review sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and even Facebook ratings.

Recently, GMB (Google My Business) has rolled out a few changes you need to be aware of. Maximizing your Google page, plus the other directory, search, social media, and review sites can be the key to unlocking Google page one dominance!

Let’s say you own an Air Conditioning and Heating company. You are known for having fast service, and really professional techs. You’re one of several AC companies in your area, but you’ve been around for years, you’re well established. Still, your competition appears to be doing quite well, and in spite of your consistent social media presence and a recent website overhaul, your online presence, and your business, has not grown. Why?

 The answer lies in gaining an understanding of how online directories work, and in realizing how important they are within local search.

We’ve said before that Google is King, and this is still true. The search engine powerhouse recently emphasized their concerted effort to increase the importance of Google My Business. GMB is where their focus has shifted, especially in terms of local visibility. Last month, our blog discussed some of the ways that we can harness the power of GMB to affect your business listing.

Also worth considering: Use of voice searches and virtual assistants is on the rise. Prospective customers have become increasingly reliant on their smartphones, devices, and virtual assistants to find businesses.

Using our example, let’s say that Jim gets a call from his wife, she tells him that the AC is out and it’s getting hot in the house, in the heat of summer, this is urgent!

Now Jim has an iPhone, he asks Siri for an AC contractor near him… Siri recommends Pro AC and Jim sees that they have 4 stars on Yelp. Jim makes the call and help is on the way. A partnership between Yelp and Apple ensures that iPhone users are provided Yelp rated companies within most local searches.

However, if Jim had an Android phone or an Alexa Voice Assistant by Amazon in his office, he could have asked the same question and would have been fed structured data from business owners who were forward thinking enough to build out a complete online presence.

The various mobile devices and voice assistants use data provided by the businesses whose products and services match most closely with the searcher’s query. Taking control of the data that is out there is becoming more important with each passing week.

Leveraging your listing information and company profile on each of these sites can be overwhelming. OMG National, with the OMG Power Network, can keep your profile updated across the board fixing incorrect listings, suppressing duplicate listings, adding rich content additions like professional graphics, photos, and customized video.

When it comes to being found online in your area, don’t leave it to chance. Give your business the best opportunity you can, to stand out from the competition and claim your share of what’s out there.

To learn more about our OMG Partner – Online Marketing Program, featuring the OMG Power Network, click here, or reach out to a member of the OMG National team today!

Laser-Focused Lead Generation w/ Facebook Ads

Increasingly, business owners are becoming familiar with Facebook Ad Manager and how it works. Boosting your posts and increasing the reach of your ads is one thing, but how do you turn those extra views into actual traffic – or customers?

In December of last year, we discussed the Facebook Ad Manager and outlined the process of creating a solid ad that will generate leads for your business.

The secret of Facebook advertising is to hone in on exactly who your ads should target. Your targeting should be both specific and thoughtful. Again, we will walk you through the process so that you can harness the full power of Facebook advertising and increase your ROI in a major way.

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences in different ways, including: Location, Age, Gender, & Spoken Language

Now, these aren’t quite specific enough. Facebook also allows advertisers to target demographics based on other, more detailed characteristics, including: Demographics, Interests, Behaviors & More!

We can take this targeting a step further!

Another cool feature of Facebook Ad Manager is the ability to reach out to a hyper-local audience. This can be done easily, by choosing one of four options from the “Locations” drop-down list:

• Everyone in a particular location
• People who live in a particular location
• People who were recently in a particular location
• People who traveled to the location but live elsewhere

These options are based on the locations in users’ Facebook and Instagram profiles, and the locations of their mobile devices. For example, let’s say that you own a car rental company. If your goal is to specifically attract tourists who are visiting your area but do not live there, you can select the “people who traveled to the location but live elsewhere” option. It’s a safe bet that these people are either still in your area, but perhaps they travel there frequently and are in need of a reliable car rental service during their visits.

You can also eliminate certain demographics or groups from a Facebook ad’s reach. Under the “Detailed Targeting” area, there is an option to “Exclude People”. This can come in handy for some businesses.

Let’s return to our car rental company example. If you are ONLY looking to target people visiting the area and you do not want to rent cars to locals, you can “exclude” people who live in the area or nearby. The same goes for a car rental company that is looking to increase long term rentals, mainly to customers and companies in their area. You can easily “exclude” people who do not live in your area.

The best news of all is that once you have found your Facebook advertising “sweet spot”, you can save and reuse the same audience any time you’d like! If, as a fictional car rental company owner, you create a set of ads for visitors and another set of ads for locals, you can save each audience to use again and again. This allows you to target for maximum impact, and bring in existing and plenty of new customers over time.

As complicated as Facebook Ad Manager seems, it is really an incredible and useful tool once you get the hang of targeting for big impact. Of course, social media advertising combined with a solid web presence, local directory management, video production, and other services could seriously elevate your online marketing game. The OMG National team is happy to help you, just give us a call anytime!

By: Kristin Matheny


OMG WebWorx: Your Personal Webmaster

OMG WebWorx: Your Personal Webmaster

It was 1993 when the White House and United Nations went online. At that time, the number of websites was 600! A year later, Netscape was born and Microsoft had created a web browser for Windows 95! OMG National was there. We built our first websites when the internet was only accessible via a “dial-up” connection using one of the 1,000 AOL CD’s which were stuffed in our mailbox every year. Hard to imagine now, but we were trailblazers on a new frontier.

Keeping pace with online advancements is challenging, but as an OMG client…don’t stress, we do it for you! Here are a few of the latest topics and trends which we are embracing and encourage you to be aware of! Today the buzz is all about Mobile First. Mobile-first indexing means Google will predominantly use the mobile version of the content you are providing for indexing and ranking.

With mobile-first indexing, Google’s bots will crawl your site and index your most relevant pages and their mobile structure, first. Responsive web designs should be tested across all browsers, screen sizes, and device types to ensure that your content is easily navigable and accessible regardless of the user’s preference for device, network, or browser.

Our team just got back from Onward 2018 in NYC. The annual conference, put on by Yext, one of our top-tier partners, was incredible.

Each year at this conference, the top names in marketing tech come together and teach their agency partners, all about what’s new and what’s coming.

We were reminded about the importance of “structured data” integration in future web development projects. This will enable our clients to have the same single-screen access to their web content in addition to their directory, search, social, and review sites. Structured Data also makes your site more relevant and highly placed with Google as it is organized in database form, easy for accessing from Google, and even digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Bottom line is, your information needs to be structured properly to be top’s in the search results!


Considering this is a paradigm shift in site development, putting the content first, we are rebuilding hundreds of websites to help our clients dominate their respective markets. Our web team is ready to tackle this shift without sacrificing the custom designs that our clients love. Here is a link from Google to test your website’s Structured Data:

All OMG National clients, whether active or not, should consider learning about our all-new WebWorx program. This managed website solution offers ongoing content updates, promotional and other desired changes, G-suite from Google, managed utilities, and security, plus much more. Find out about WebWorx today, just ask your OMG Account Executive, or call the WebWorx hotline at 954.660.1394

Be sure to stay tuned for more fun content delivered to you this month by one of our OMG Marketing Superheroes

5 Reasons Promotional Products Work

FIVE Reasons Promotional Products Work

Several years ago, OMG National launched its Promotional Products Division with the acquisition of National Imprint, Franklin Products, and Votes Unlimited.

In doing so, today we proudly serve thousands of Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and Political Campaigns across our great country, with high quality, professionally designed and printed advertising specialties. From pens and caps, to T-shirts and jackets, water bottles, fidget spinners, executive gifts, and more, the catalog of promotional items is truly vast.

In a day and age where businesses strive to be remembered, a quality “leave behind” will serve to keep your brand, present and standing apart in a thoughtful, impactful way. Reviewing the types of products that are available today is truly amazing. You’d never believe the number of promotional items that are available, ready to be emblazoned with your logo and provided to your current or prospective customer.

Here are five reasons why Promotional Products work:

Cost – With so many options to consider for both online and traditional advertising, a cost-effective, consistent branding effort, with promo items, can be a valuable part of your overall strategy. You will win new customers with a simple, branded giveaway.

Brand Recognition – Identifying your logo or mark immediately is the basis of so many of our traditional types of advertisements. Taking a cue from McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, and others, your growing business can leverage promotional products to plant your flag in your local market.

Enhanced Exposure – An ad on TV, or a billboard on the highway, passes by in a blink. Promotional products however, are sticky! A mug on a desk, T-shirt on someone’s back, cell phone charger in someone’s car…these items remain “in the face” of your customers and add lasting value, planting a seed for that next sale.

Serves as your Business Card – Business cards introduce your company and products to your customer. Promotional products do the same thing, but with better staying power. A recent Marketing Sherpa poll uncovered that 72% of those polled remembered the company who provided them with a particular tradeshow giveaway.

Customer Loyalty – Customers have many choices today for most products and services. High quality, branded promotional products assist businesses in building customer loyalty.

Claim your $50 gift to use towards pens, calendars, drink ware and more.

All personalized with your company name and/or logo!

Over 28 years, we’ve served many thousands of small business clients. While discussing their marketing and in meeting them at tradeshows, we’ve determined that the majority of our client base uses promotional products. With the internet and companies such as Staples, and Quill offering promotional products, OMG National is never going to be the cheapest, but with in-house graphic design and multi-zone, direct factory shipments, our free camera-ready art (setup) and free shipping, help set us apart.

Thousands of active OMG marketing clients means we have thousands of client logos, already on file, ready to touch up, add contact information or a call to action, and GO! Your promotional products are shipped to your door at a fair price and with zero hassle! No user name and password to remember, and a friendly, live person, right here in our Florida office to speak with if you do have a question.

So go ahead, let OMG Promo get you the Printed Promo Item that makes your customer say… OMG!

Capturing the Elusive 20-30% of the Market is as Easy as B-I-N-G

Capturing the Elusive 20%-30% of the Market is as Easy as B-I-N-G

Paid Search is driving new business to millions of users every day. Through paid search, advertisers bid on specific keywords related to their general goals in an effort to generate more business. From there, and depending on the quality of the ads and the budget allocated to the ads- Google, Bing, Facebook, and other platforms will display your ads to the audience that you’ve targeted.

We all understand Google’s power within the Paid Advertising world, and there’s no denying it. Google commands over 63% of all search queries in the United States and has developed a sophisticated program for managing Ads along with a far-reaching display network. When properly configured, these resources will get your ads in the face of purchase ready users on a variety of different websites and Apps like Youtube, New York Times, Google Maps, and much more.

That being said if 63% of all search queries in the USA are done on Google; where are the other 37%? They’re actually divided amongst Bing’s own advertising network. The Bing Network Audience actually includes sites like Yahoo, AOL, MSN and many other websites, Apps, Microsoft Software, and AI Voice Assistants (Siri’s image results come from Bing). Combine that with the fact that competition and Costs Per Click (CPCs) and you’re looking at a great opportunity for driving up sales for generally low costs.

The Bing Network = Real Power

Bing’s Paid Advertising resources have been designed to be very similar to Google’s. The Keyword Auction process is almost identical and the advertiser dashboard is so alike that you can literally import the same campaigns you have in Adwords to your Bing Ads account at the click of a button.

Where’s the difference? Bing Ads are a gateway to 66 million PC users that Google cannot reach. The Bing Ad Network gathers data and displays ads through Microsoft Outlook, Cortana (Microsoft’s AI voice assistant), Internet Explorer and Edge browsers, and websites like LinkedIn, MSN, and many more for up to 42% less spend than on Adwords.

Bing Ads are also seen by a demographic that is much more specific than Google users. Bing users are split right through the middle in regard to sex (Female 50% – Male 50%), mostly under the age of 45, and almost half are college graduates.

If those numbers weren’t impressive enough, here’s an important one. Nearly one-third of the Bing Network Audience has a household income of over $100K. These are successful and educated people with purchase power, and a sector of the search market that your business does not want to miss out on.

Final Thought

At the moment, Bing paid advertising is growing. Low competition allows for better Ad Placement opportunities and a much lower Cost Per Click when comparing to Google Adwords. Now’s the time to take advantage and ensure you’re hitting the Bing Audience before your competition.

OMG National is your full-service marketing partner. We’ve been following the growth of the Bing Ad Network and are ready to help you make the most out of this unique opportunity. Contact a marketing consultant to find out more today at 800-789-4619 or visit to set up a marketing consultation.