Laser-Focused Lead Generation w/ Facebook Ads



Laser-Focused Lead Generation w/ Facebook Ads

Laser-Focused Lead Generation w/ Facebook Ads

Increasingly, business owners are becoming familiar with Facebook Ad Manager and how it works. Boosting your posts and increasing the reach of your ads is one thing, but how do you turn those extra views into actual traffic – or customers?

In December of last year, we discussed the Facebook Ad Manager and outlined the process of creating a solid ad that will generate leads for your business.

The secret of Facebook advertising is to hone in on exactly who your ads should target. Your targeting should be both specific and thoughtful. Again, we will walk you through the process so that you can harness the full power of Facebook advertising and increase your ROI in a major way.

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences in different ways, including: Location, Age, Gender, & Spoken Language

Now, these aren’t quite specific enough. Facebook also allows advertisers to target demographics based on other, more detailed characteristics, including: Demographics, Interests, Behaviors & More!

We can take this targeting a step further!

Another cool feature of Facebook Ad Manager is the ability to reach out to a hyper-local audience. This can be done easily, by choosing one of four options from the “Locations” drop-down list:

• Everyone in a particular location
• People who live in a particular location
• People who were recently in a particular location
• People who traveled to the location but live elsewhere

These options are based on the locations in users’ Facebook and Instagram profiles, and the locations of their mobile devices. For example, let’s say that you own a car rental company. If your goal is to specifically attract tourists who are visiting your area but do not live there, you can select the “people who traveled to the location but live elsewhere” option. It’s a safe bet that these people are either still in your area, but perhaps they travel there frequently and are in need of a reliable car rental service during their visits.

You can also eliminate certain demographics or groups from a Facebook ad’s reach. Under the “Detailed Targeting” area, there is an option to “Exclude People”. This can come in handy for some businesses.

Let’s return to our car rental company example. If you are ONLY looking to target people visiting the area and you do not want to rent cars to locals, you can “exclude” people who live in the area or nearby. The same goes for a car rental company that is looking to increase long term rentals, mainly to customers and companies in their area. You can easily “exclude” people who do not live in your area.

The best news of all is that once you have found your Facebook advertising “sweet spot”, you can save and reuse the same audience any time you’d like! If, as a fictional car rental company owner, you create a set of ads for visitors and another set of ads for locals, you can save each audience to use again and again. This allows you to target for maximum impact, and bring in existing and plenty of new customers over time.

As complicated as Facebook Ad Manager seems, it is really an incredible and useful tool once you get the hang of targeting for big impact. Of course, social media advertising combined with a solid web presence, local directory management, video production, and other services could seriously elevate your online marketing game. The OMG National team is happy to help you, just give us a call anytime!

By: Kristin Matheny


Social Media – Evolution of Social for Lead Generation

Social Media – Evolution of Social for Lead Generation

Several years ago, Facebook opened a brand-new frontier to the small business marketer. Facebook business pages became a new option for marketers to communicate content to users. In those early days, adding a business page and having a Facebook user “like” the page was powerful stuff. It meant that after the one “like”, any time the business added a new “post”, all “likers” received that post on their personal newsfeeds.

This gave companies a whole lot of power and the ability to communicate any message, quickly and for FREE!

Whether this was by design, a kind of freemium, or not, Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook, realized they were giving away this powerful ad opportunity. Soon thereafter, the Facebook Ad Manager opened and the advertisers flooded in. If you were an internet marketer during that time, you may remember that the early rap on Facebook ads was that they didn’t convert.

Rumor has it that Facebook saw this and began hiring new talent away from Google’s AdWords team. AdWords, the tried and true advertising medium had a big head start and thousands of success stories in every conceivable industry; Facebook wasn’t going to have egg on their Face. The plan worked and today, Facebook offers advertisers a seemingly new type of ad to run every week, for every kind of engagement required.

Carousel photo ads, video ads, page suggestion ads, post boosts, the list goes on and on. The revenue for their ads began to grow as business users figured out how to use the ad manager platform for maximizing results. One big reason is that Facebook has some unique data which even Google doesn’t consider within its ad display algorithm.

Let’s use an example from the real world… Cool Master Air Conditioning is a new air conditioning company in Coral Springs, Florida. They have a great service to offer, decades of experience, but are limited in their service area due to having a small fleet. They make the best margins on installations of new systems, as opposed to smaller dollar service calls for repairs. The HVAC business in South Florida is extraordinarily competitive with some very large players with huge ad budgets.


The Cool Master team knows the areas where it would like to “bundle” up its jobs, focused on a couple of cities, Davie, Plantation, Coral Springs, and Sunrise. Using a combination of well-designed ads offering new system discounts, new homeowner award dollars, or other promotions, they have been able to generate leads by “pushing” their ads to the homeowners who live in certain large subdivisions. The Ad Manager allows them to select demographics such as age, gender, economics, and other basic criteria, and then cross-reference those users with users who also “like” the Jacaranda Golf Club or who “follow” the Eagle Trace Homeowner’s Association.

The approach worked and is one part of how Cool Master is gaining ground and working more efficiently with customers who have the need and budget for these new system installations. Further, it hones the approach down to a selective number of areas keeping the jobs closer to one another and allowing for an economy of scale.

For this approach to be effective, the business owner does need to invest a little time up front with the internet marketing associate, helping them to establish a “buyer persona” and to understand the geographic considerations in that market. Once this “audience” has been created and refined, it is applied to the ads. At this point, the budget can be moved up or down depending on the needs of the company. A different set of ads will be working to grow Cool Master’s “like-base” for brand awareness and content engagement.

This strategy is one piece of the puzzle, for maximum results, we recommend combining it with things like local directory management, a solid web presence, strong collateral/sales materials, and video production. Consider these components when putting together your next marketing schedule, and if you’d ever like to discuss your marketing challenge or get a second opinion, just say OMG!

For OMG National, I’m Jesse Lubar, thanks for dropping in!

Social Media: Essential to Business in 2018

Social Media: Essential to Business in 2018

Social Media, properly applied, can have a significant impact on your company’s sales. There are currently 214 million Americans on Facebook. That’s over 66% of the entire United States population, and this statistic is rising daily. At the same time, new platforms continue to develop, creating challenges for marketers who are dually tasked with operating their business and keeping up with the latest social media strategies.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter are the most important sites today, and who knows what’s to come. The one certainty is that companies can no longer afford to ignore social media. Applying an effective strategy can help build your brand, make you a prominent, reliable source of info for your customers, and most importantly, drive in directly….new sales!

Social Media’s Powerful Influence

Facebook has been in the news a lot recently, mainly due to the investigations of meddling into our political system. The same way that our political system was manipulated is what gives you as a business operator the power to develop creative ads, posts and other content, and disseminate it to a distinct audience at a time that is right for you.

This distinct audience of potential customers must be created using tools inside Facebook’s Ad Manager system. It can include things like your customer’s favorite other brands/companies, their geography, alma mater, hobbies, and much more. This powerful Ad Manager tool increases the chances of your ads being displayed to the right person at the right time for you. Learn how to target a more exacting audience and get your company on their minds!

All Paths Lead to Paid Social Media

Add the fact that Facebook owns Instagram, and the money you invest in boosting (Paid social ads) can give you double the exposure on two very important platforms. These resources are incredibly precise and allow for ads to be optimized for a highly targeted reach. LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Twitter have created their own paid advertising options, each targeting different users with different interests and different buying patterns.

Snapchat, Snap, Inc., is the latest to adopt paid advertising functionalities. This platform has grown in popularity due to the fact that images and videos could be sent instantaneously and discreetly (and with an amazing variety of filters). Now, with their programmatic marketing initiative, companies can get their products/services on the minds of more consumers than ever before. Snapchat’s self-serve ad buying tool allows small businesses to leverage this powerful, new medium alongside some of the greatest brands of our day including Nike, Coca-Cola, and others.

Final Thought

At OMG National, we work tirelessly to give our clients the best results. We’re constantly educating ourselves, and our clients, on the latest resources and strategies available in the digital marketing arena. From website creation, to Paid Search, Paid Social Advertising, and much more; the professionals at OMG National are here to help your business succeed!

Social Media And Your Business

By: Henry Heredia

Once upon a time, small business advertising meant television, radio, and print formats. Companies needed “Big Bucks” to compete. But the internet changed all that and there are now almost unlimited possibilities to produce creative ads for any budget. In this post, we’ll discuss how businesses can directly benefit from communicating with consumers through social media platforms.

Today, businesses don’t have a choice on whether or not to use social media. Often, a patron will check in from your company location which creates an unverified profile page. For business, social media is a powerful branding tool that can generate effective engagement with your audience and customer loyalty towards your brand, so it would be wise not to overlook.

Audience Targeting

Think about it. How do you keep in touch with friends and loved ones? How do you get your news and information? What app do you most use on your phone? If the answer is Facebook, then you’re just like the other 1.5 billion active users worldwide; and social media doesn’t stop there. Different social sites provide access to a variety of audiences with specific interests, and understanding user demographics can help companies target the customers they want while reducing inefficient spending.

Remember filling out your Facebook profile? Probably not, but you surely mentioned interests, chose pages to follow, updated your employment status, marital status and so on. What seemed like insignificant information while filling out a form has become invaluable data for marketers to use and identify target demographics.

Just as Facebook has done, other Social Network Sites are now leveraging the specific information gathered to build paid advertising networks that can market directly to consumers with the exact demographics your business wants (occupations, interests, gender, age group, etc.). Social sites have become the most popular platforms for content distribution to the masses, and businesses are changing the way they spend advertising dollars to reflect this trend.

Convert followers into consumers

A recent study found that 88% of consumers consider online reviews to be very influential when making a purchase decision. Social media sites now include ratings and reviews within a business profile, making a company’s reputation visible to any and every potential customer, partner, or patient. Actively responding to reviews, messages, comments, and posts shows that your company cares about customer service.

There are no guarantees when dealing with social media followers, but understanding social conversations and trends can assist businesses to effectively engage with users. Companies need to be wary of over-posting or overselling through social media. Barraging followers with sales driven posts will inevitably result in loss of interest and worse of all, loss of following. Consumers are searching for humor, video, facts, motivational posts, authentic images, and personal communication in their feeds, so adjusting your strategy can keep your brand in the minds of your audience.

Social media is a very important cog in the content marketing wheel. Social media touches every part of an organization. From customer service to frontline sales and human resources to Information Technology; it’s a living, breathing, and ever-evolving entity. The only way to keep ahead of the game is to remain informed on all the best practices or contact OMG National and let us do the heavy lifting. Call today to speak to a representative, 800-789-4619 or visit our website to find out more,

Facebook Reviews and Your Online Reputation

It’s one week before your mother’s birthday and you want to find the perfect gift. You would like to buy from a trustworthy company with good prices and great quality, but have no idea where to start.

You ask friends and family about gift ideas and you go online to search reviews from other customers.

85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses and 88% of consumers read online reviews. With statistics this high, it is evident that people will be searching for you and seeking out reviews for your business.

Facebook is Very Important to your Business

Facebook is one of the most important sites where reviews cannot be ignored. With 864 million daily active users, Facebook is no longer just a social site to connect with friends and family, but is now a major site for researching and connecting with local businesses.

If your business is on Facebook and you’re not monitoring reviews, you’re missing out on important feedback from customers and failing to impress potential buyers who are judging your business based on these reviews on your page.

Facebook Reviews: Who, Where, How?

Facebook reviews can be written on any local business page, by any Facebook user, at any time and all reviews are public.

Seen on the left, your overall rating for reviews is directly located under your business name, which immediately associates your business with either a high or low score.

If your rating is 4 stars or above, 92% of users are likely to use your business. 3 star rating? Now, only 72% of users will use your business. With 2 stars, only 27% are likely to use your business.  It’s obvious to see the decline of trust in a business when their ratings are low.

Don’t let your company lose business and revenue from a low Facebook rating. Give users a reason to look further down your page after you impress them with your 5 star rating!

How do I Handle Facebook Reviews?

Your Facebook reviews need to be monitored daily and responded to ASAP. Whether you’re responding to a positive or negative review, your customers expect to be answered.

Responding to negative reviews gives you the chance to turn a negative experience into a positive one. Take this feedback seriously and make time to find out more about their experience. This also gives you a chance to impress others by showing that you truly do care about all customers’ experiences and make an effort resolve the issues.

When responding to positive reviews, thank your customers for their business and personalize your response as much as you can. By responding, you show your appreciation for their feedback and increase your chances of them using your business again.


Quick tips for high Facebook ratings and reviews:

  • Give high quality customer service to each and every customer in person and online
  • Monitor all reviews and ‘like’ positive comments
  • Respond to every review, positive and negative
  • Keep your ratings 4 stars and above to make the most of your online efforts
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How To Incorporate Reviews Into Your Social Media Strategy

How To Incorporate Reviews Into Your Social Media Strategy

Reviews have become extremely important for search engines when determining search results. Nowadays, consumers value reviews as much as word of mouth from friends. Did you know that almost 70% of consumers look at customer reviews before purchasing a product or service?

The kicker for most consumers is the star rating that typically accompanies reviews.  Research shows that increasing your star rating on social platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook can help increase conversion rates by nearly 540%! The key is to continuously gain reviews on all platforms.

Monitor Reviews

The first step is to continuously monitor your reviews. Now, this does not mean to check each of your product star ratings on sites like Amazon, just know your average star rating on each platform. This helps you build a foundation to show progress as your rating increases.

Ensure that you have notifications set up for the top review sites that you care about, such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. This makes it easy to see when you receive new reviews and respond to them in a timely manner.

Ask for Reviews

You’d be surprised how many customers or clients will review you on social media if you just ask.  If you are not asking for reviews, chances are the only ones you’ll receive are either people who had a very negative experience or those who had an extremely great experience.

Think of it this way, if you have 2 reviews on Facebook, one person who had a wonderful experience and left a 5-star rating and one person who had a horrible experience and left a 1-star rating. This would result in a 3-star rating on Facebook which is not a true representation of your business.

Asking your customers for reviews can help increase those 4 and 5-star reviews which can weigh the average in a more positive manner. To ask for reviews, you can simply hand the customers a card that has links to review sites on it or if you’re emailing a customer a receipt, include the links at the bottom of the email or in your signature.

Use Your Reviews to Market Your Business

Getting good reviews is great for your online presence but you’ll also want to use them in all your marketing materials. For example, let’s say you are printing postcards to mail to people in your area, advertising your sale for the spring. Use a quote from a great review as part of the design to draw people to your good reputation. You’ll also want to include icons for Facebook, Yelp, and Google as a reminder to the consumers that you have more reviews online.

Monitoring and responding to reviews online is a key aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Want some help maintaining your online reviews and overall online reputation? Call the pros at OMG National today at 800-789-4619.

Oh Snap! The Rivalry of SnapChat vs Facebook Just Got More Interesting

When it comes to technology, change happens at such a fast pace that just as we start to get used to something new, it changes again. We live in a very exciting time where we connect at the speed of light with opportunities people only dreamed of just a short time ago.

With that in mind, we want to help you stay on top of the latest and greatest so you can put your best foot forward. We learned late Friday from the Wall Street Journal that one of our favorite social sharing apps is making waves that you may want to stay on top of to keep your business ahead of the game.

What you formerly knew as SnapChat will now be known as just “Snap” and will be soon rolling out new features that pushes the popular app beyond just social sharing. With Facebook as the app’s main rival investing heavily in virtual reality technology with their purchase of Oculus VR a while back, Snap stepped up their game big time with their own take on what it means to be interactive. Snap has done one better than VR glasses that isolate people from the real world. They have developed Spectacles – a pair of sunglasses which integrates a 115-degree-angle lens gives the wearer the ability record up to 30 seconds of video that can be uploaded directly to Snap.

With Spectacles, the user produced video is circular and results in a view that is much closer to the natural perspective of the human eye. Essentially, when you watch a video that was recorded from a pair of Spectacles, you get to relive the person’s memory of the moment almost as the way they truly experienced it. The idea is to bring people together and share their point of view from the real world in a fun way.

Technology has embedded itself in our communications more than ever before and OMG National is on the forefront of social marketing and integrating channels such as Snap into a well-rounded marketing mix. As a small business, keeping up on the latest trends will help you leverage these tools for maximum marketing impact. If your target audience includes people who are young & trendy or if you want to reach tech savvy moms who have major buying power and influence, keep reading. 10 billion videos are viewed every day by the 150+ million people actively using Snap. The app has a captive audience with a reach of 41% of all 18-34 year olds in the US. What this means to a business is 10 billion potential opportunities to build awareness of your brand.

Snapchat Updates

This summer Snap rolled out Snap Ads Between Stories – giving small businesses a less expensive way to advertise on Snap with great features including prompting additional actions when users swipe up on business content. You can send them to an extended video, direct them to a website or article (without leaving Snap), or prompt them to install your app. In a survey of Snap users, the results showed that Snap ads garnered double the visual attention of Facebook and 1.5 times more than Instagram. The ads on Snap were also 1.3 times more effective than YouTube. Those numbers speak volumes.

The rollout of Spectacles will be slow, starting with a limited quantity available this fall at a price tag of $129.99 each. Whether you want to be one of the first to try it or just watch what happens and wait, we’ll keep you updated here so check back soon for the skinny on Snap!

Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising — Which Is Right For My Business?

-Jesse Lubar, CEO OMG National

We all know by now; Google AdWords is the standard by which all other advertising online is measured. They pioneered and perfected the medium, you’re either listed at the top of the page, or you’re invisible, right? Well, not if Facebook has it’s say. Facebook continues to up the ante with its targeted advertising campaigns, complete with robust demographics and an intuitive ad manager which gives you many options for how to advertise your specific posts, promote your page (Facebook), your website, even your phone number directly.

target imageBoth sites are frequently changing the rules of the road, which makes keeping up on the latest algorithm shift an arduous task. With Google, they shift their requirements for landing page density, keyword bids, and page relevance, while Facebook adjusts what users are shown in the news feeds. Keeping up with these changes requires frequent study, testing with various analytical web tools, and just running practical scenarios to see where your ads stand.

But knowing where to spend hard earned marketing dollars is the key. You need results, you don’t want to wait, and certainly don’t want to waste time or money. So which is right for you? With Facebook, the targeting features are unlike anything else we’ve ever seen. Being able to pinpoint your audience in such a granular fashion is very powerful. Here are a couple of examples, pulled from real world OMG clients who are advertising with us on Facebook.

  • Luxury Home Remodeling Company – Miramar, Florida –  This client is looking to target high end remodeling projects in South Florida. What we can do for them is target members of country clubs in the target zone, readers of home design magazines, those with CEO, President, or Business Owner titles listed as their occupation, and so on.
  • Pharmacy – Atlanta, Georgia – This client is looking for new customers within a specific geographic area. We will search for Facebook members in the local area who are current members of AARP, grandparents, aged between 55-79.

You get the idea. Imagine the possibilities for your own business. During a discovery meeting, we will pull ideas from you to help craft this audience. When they log on to Facebook, they are now targeted with either page suggestions, as in “You may like Wally’s Pharmacy”, or sponsored posts from them, this could be a discount, new customer promotions, etc. The advertiser can now broaden or narrow their target list depending on the number of Facebook users who fit the mold. The more defined the demographic gets, the smaller the list becomes.

The big question on the mind of Facebook’s early advertisers was whether or not the ads would convert. The rap on them was that they were not converting enough. Facebook got smart and began investing some of their billions of dollars into Google defectors, filling their ranks with some of the best Google ad pioneers and solving some of these early challenges.

Click here for your Google vs. Facebook Ad Analysis

In looking at the timing of ads in relation to when searchers are making purchases or decisions to purchase, one would give the edge to Google. Google is where you go when you are seeking out services or specific products, however Facebook is coming on strong with a new feature they have rolled out called the Professional Services Listings as well as a new search feature. This makes great sense as more and more consumers are consulting Facebook prior to making purchasing decisions. How many times have you asked those with whom you are “friends” with on social media for a recommendation? Anyone who is a frequent social media user has seen this.


Also, Facebook now has network ads which appear outside of Facebook (even to non-users) across multiple sites, similar to the AdWords enhanced network. This enhanced network is helping Facebook close the gap on Google’s lead in the online/digital advertising race, by combining the carousel-style image ads which can be run on multiple devices with their branding abilities and the inexpensive cost per impression model which is in use with the typical Facebook ad.

These new features and their commitment to continual improvement, are pushing Facebook close to Google when comparing options. However, when looking at the ad viability in a head to head comparison, we still give the edge to Google when it comes to direct service or product based online ads. Using both is a powerful way to capture leads and accomplish enhanced brand recognition at the same time.

Here at OMG National, our experienced digital marketing representatives will work hard to make the most of your budget. Our goal is to get you the most bang for your buck whether you are just starting out, or are working on multiple campaigns for your well established business. We will blend our services and balance the need for “right now” results with the longer term concepts of brand consistency and review management.

For OMG National, this is Jesse Lubar signing off with a smile.