Laser-Focused Lead Generation w/ Facebook Ads



Laser-Focused Lead Generation w/ Facebook Ads

Laser-Focused Lead Generation w/ Facebook Ads

Increasingly, business owners are becoming familiar with Facebook Ad Manager and how it works. Boosting your posts and increasing the reach of your ads is one thing, but how do you turn those extra views into actual traffic – or customers?

In December of last year, we discussed the Facebook Ad Manager and outlined the process of creating a solid ad that will generate leads for your business.

The secret of Facebook advertising is to hone in on exactly who your ads should target. Your targeting should be both specific and thoughtful. Again, we will walk you through the process so that you can harness the full power of Facebook advertising and increase your ROI in a major way.

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences in different ways, including: Location, Age, Gender, & Spoken Language

Now, these aren’t quite specific enough. Facebook also allows advertisers to target demographics based on other, more detailed characteristics, including: Demographics, Interests, Behaviors & More!

We can take this targeting a step further!

Another cool feature of Facebook Ad Manager is the ability to reach out to a hyper-local audience. This can be done easily, by choosing one of four options from the “Locations” drop-down list:

• Everyone in a particular location
• People who live in a particular location
• People who were recently in a particular location
• People who traveled to the location but live elsewhere

These options are based on the locations in users’ Facebook and Instagram profiles, and the locations of their mobile devices. For example, let’s say that you own a car rental company. If your goal is to specifically attract tourists who are visiting your area but do not live there, you can select the “people who traveled to the location but live elsewhere” option. It’s a safe bet that these people are either still in your area, but perhaps they travel there frequently and are in need of a reliable car rental service during their visits.

You can also eliminate certain demographics or groups from a Facebook ad’s reach. Under the “Detailed Targeting” area, there is an option to “Exclude People”. This can come in handy for some businesses.

Let’s return to our car rental company example. If you are ONLY looking to target people visiting the area and you do not want to rent cars to locals, you can “exclude” people who live in the area or nearby. The same goes for a car rental company that is looking to increase long term rentals, mainly to customers and companies in their area. You can easily “exclude” people who do not live in your area.

The best news of all is that once you have found your Facebook advertising “sweet spot”, you can save and reuse the same audience any time you’d like! If, as a fictional car rental company owner, you create a set of ads for visitors and another set of ads for locals, you can save each audience to use again and again. This allows you to target for maximum impact, and bring in existing and plenty of new customers over time.

As complicated as Facebook Ad Manager seems, it is really an incredible and useful tool once you get the hang of targeting for big impact. Of course, social media advertising combined with a solid web presence, local directory management, video production, and other services could seriously elevate your online marketing game. The OMG National team is happy to help you, just give us a call anytime!

By: Kristin Matheny


5 Reasons Promotional Products Work

FIVE Reasons Promotional Products Work

Several years ago, OMG National launched its Promotional Products Division with the acquisition of National Imprint, Franklin Products, and Votes Unlimited.

In doing so, today we proudly serve thousands of Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and Political Campaigns across our great country, with high quality, professionally designed and printed advertising specialties. From pens and caps, to T-shirts and jackets, water bottles, fidget spinners, executive gifts, and more, the catalog of promotional items is truly vast.

In a day and age where businesses strive to be remembered, a quality “leave behind” will serve to keep your brand, present and standing apart in a thoughtful, impactful way. Reviewing the types of products that are available today is truly amazing. You’d never believe the number of promotional items that are available, ready to be emblazoned with your logo and provided to your current or prospective customer.

Here are five reasons why Promotional Products work:

Cost – With so many options to consider for both online and traditional advertising, a cost-effective, consistent branding effort, with promo items, can be a valuable part of your overall strategy. You will win new customers with a simple, branded giveaway.

Brand Recognition – Identifying your logo or mark immediately is the basis of so many of our traditional types of advertisements. Taking a cue from McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, and others, your growing business can leverage promotional products to plant your flag in your local market.

Enhanced Exposure – An ad on TV, or a billboard on the highway, passes by in a blink. Promotional products however, are sticky! A mug on a desk, T-shirt on someone’s back, cell phone charger in someone’s car…these items remain “in the face” of your customers and add lasting value, planting a seed for that next sale.

Serves as your Business Card – Business cards introduce your company and products to your customer. Promotional products do the same thing, but with better staying power. A recent Marketing Sherpa poll uncovered that 72% of those polled remembered the company who provided them with a particular tradeshow giveaway.

Customer Loyalty – Customers have many choices today for most products and services. High quality, branded promotional products assist businesses in building customer loyalty.

Claim your $50 gift to use towards pens, calendars, drink ware and more.

All personalized with your company name and/or logo!

Over 28 years, we’ve served many thousands of small business clients. While discussing their marketing and in meeting them at tradeshows, we’ve determined that the majority of our client base uses promotional products. With the internet and companies such as Staples, and Quill offering promotional products, OMG National is never going to be the cheapest, but with in-house graphic design and multi-zone, direct factory shipments, our free camera-ready art (setup) and free shipping, help set us apart.

Thousands of active OMG marketing clients means we have thousands of client logos, already on file, ready to touch up, add contact information or a call to action, and GO! Your promotional products are shipped to your door at a fair price and with zero hassle! No user name and password to remember, and a friendly, live person, right here in our Florida office to speak with if you do have a question.

So go ahead, let OMG Promo get you the Printed Promo Item that makes your customer say… OMG!