Personal feelings aside, the business world can no longer ignore social media



Personal feelings aside, the business world can no longer ignore social media

Personal feelings aside, the business world can no longer ignore social media

November 08, 2016

By: Jesse Lubar

Here at OMG, we work hard each day to educate you on how digital marketing is affecting our clients. This month, we take a look at social media, its impact, and power in marketing your business.

The idea that social media, specifically sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are passing fads, or cutesy trends for teeny boppers is dead. The mind numbing facts are that the pure user base across the world is in the billions, with millions of users in every state in the U.S. This means that whether or not you enjoy clicking a good “like”, chuckling at a poop emoji, or creating a hashtag for your dog Willy, ( #WillyRocks ) your customers are online right now engrossed in the various social media channels!

The real value to you as a business owner is in the data. I bet you’re tired of hearing that, the data, the data, well… it’s the evolution of marketing and it requires a certain understanding and skillset. The big brands caught on quick. They knew that if they could follow a consumer’s travel, their preferences, their spending habits, their hobbies, they could leverage those data points and “pitch” them the products and services which would most close
ly align with their ideal customers. Genius, right?

Many small businesses followed suit, most were unsuccessful. The rapid change of these platforms and their backend systems for advertising were at first pretty straightforward, but not anymore. On Facebook alone, there are multiple ad management portals and at least 7 different ways of advertising your company posts, pages, events, and more. If you are not a “techie” and log into Facebook’s ad management tool, Ads Manager you will likely end up frustrated. Go a level deeper for the pro’s to Power Editor and you are assured a migraine. You need apro to manage an effective social media campaign. Short of this investment, sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can chew through your budget providing only frustration along the way.


Here at OMG, we are effectively developing hundreds of our own leads through the best practices use of social media. Before you get started, there is one important lesson you should heed. It’s a tried and true cliché your Dad probably taught you when you were a kid… begin with the end in mind. It starts with just listening. Tune into social media and research where you might want to begin attracting customers from. Is there a large user group in your area interested in classic cars? Perhaps a country club with its own Facebook presence, chock full of the homeowners you would love to have patronize your business. These facts will all become important as you start to create a marketing audience for your social media pages.

Whether you decide to employ an expert, or opt to work with an outside agency like us, experience has shown us that your education is imperative. An educated client is for us, one key to a profitable and successful campaign. With a cursory understanding of the various social media channels and their ad platforms, you will be best equipped to assist a pro in building you a campaign that will drive in the leads on a consistent basis, for much less than you might think!

The team here at OMG National is ready to share the benefits of social media advertising with you. Reach out and learn more about our most popular and all-new plan, The Hometown Builder. This plan is the perfect way to be up and running with your own custom audience, pro-developed pages, fan building efforts, consistent, creative posts, and more. So whether you are ready to go, or would like to know more, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

For OMG National, this is Jesse Lubar signing off with a smile.