Don’t Wait, Create your Tow Reputation!



Don’t Wait, Create your Tow Reputation!

Don’t Wait, Create your Tow Reputation!

In today’s on-line environment, the reputation of your tow business directly impacts the number of calls that you will get. 

When most people think about reputation, they think about reviews. This is for good reason, as a reported 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Positive reviews produce an average of 18% uptick in cash calls for tow companies, like yours. This is a meaningful uptick for a tow business and it is within your power to control and influence your business reputation. 

While reviews determine who does business with you, they also impact where your tow business shows up in search results. Google cares about giving the best answers to searchers. The best answers means providing quality tow companies first. Sure, distance and relevance are important, but equally as important is your business reputation. The number and quality of your business reviews determine your search positioning. 

With OMG National by your side, you will get more reviews. We will also monitor reviews and even respond to reviews, on behalf of your business.  A business that takes the time to respond reviews will generate a .53 higher star rating on average. Responding to reviews also sends an important message to customers about the type of tow business that you are – one that cares. 

Reviews are not the only important aspect of reputation. Managing your brand’s reputation starts with providing a great client experience. Client experience starts with your tow business information online.  The accuracy and reliability of this information across dozens of search services on maps, apps, search engines, and voice assistants is very important in setting proper expectations with your customer and starting their experience with your company on the right foot. OMG National helps business publish consistent, quality and accurate information across the web on over 75 sites where customers find you. This can be an otherwise daunting task for most business owners but it is an important one in the context of business reputation.  

We know the importance of getting new cash calls and we are standing by to take your business to the next level by improving your reputation online. Don’t wait to see your reputation online, create your reputation online with OMG Tow Marketing! 

August 2019: OMG Insider

The New Sales Funnel and You

For decades we have been coached through a traditional sales funnel. Most often, it is expressed with consumer buying stages like Awareness, Interest, Consideration, and Purchase. We have been taught that if we move a prospect through this funnel to a sale that we have succeeded. 

Times have changed and so too has the traditional sales funnel and a sale is no longer the only marker of success.  Post-sale customer behavior is now a vital component of the sales funnel and successful businesses are adapting to these new conditions. At OMG, we are empowering our clients with the knowledge and tools to change and thrive in this new environment. 

The traditional sales funnel now opens back up after purchase in a manner that impacts sales with things like reviews, ratings, Likes, Followers, and other forms of connection and advocacy. This post-transactional customer activity impacts sales by informing new and potential customers. The activity also helps businesses to retain customers by forming connections that helps them stay top of mind and relevant after the initial sale.  

The Customer Sales Journey and the Business Imperative

This new reality has yet to be widely recognized by businesses, which means that strong competitive advantages can be gained by those that embrace this new reality. According to a new report, only 6% of small businesses are focused on retaining their customers. This is despite the fact that their main digital marketing goal is to increase sales.

Businesses are not recognizing the importance of engaging customers post-sale because they don’t understand how it impacts new sales. Data also suggests that it is due to a lack of budget and human resources that are preventing them from taking these new, critical steps. 

As a valued OMG client, your business is unique in that it realizes the value of working with a company that lives and breaths everything digital marketing.  At OMG, our core products contemplate deeply the importance of post-transactional activity. Whether it is helping you get, monitor, or respond to reviews or helping you establish a strong social presence and make posts in places like Google My Business or Facebook, we help your customers connect with and endorse your business.

Recently, we made a significant role change in how we manage your account. Every client at OMG now has a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialized assigned to it. This highly trained representative is constantly monitoring your business on the Internet and working to fuel post-transactional activity to help you get and keep more customers.

Remember that every customer is a chance for an advocate and a connection. Every purchase is a chance for a review. OMG provides you with all the tools that you need and a dedicated specialist to help you through any challenges or questions that you may have. 

As the digital landscape continues to change, OMG is here for you – to help you business grow. Thank you for partnering with our team of experts and take comfort in knowing that we are always working on your behalf. 

Free 6 Point Competitive Analysis

Free 6 Point Competitive Analysis

In business, one of the biggest struggles is finding ways to gain an edge over your competitors. One way to do this is by understanding what your competitors are doing to successfully market their business.

Spying on your competitors is not about stealing their secrets; rather, it’s a way to better understand their strategy, so that you can improve your own – it’s that simple. At OMG, we can help you find out how you stack up against your competition.

Whether it’s mentions, social media, customer reviews, digital ad spend, website performance, keywords strategy, back links, or more, this competitive information is all available to you. All it takes is the right tools and a little help from your OMG digital media strategist.

It is important to understand what tactics that your competitors are using to  outperform you and what is getting them results. Why reinvent the wheel? We call it riding their coattails. We call it winning! Afterall, the internet is an open-book and a level playing field.  It’s up to you to take advantage of this fact to boost your performance online.

This is a great benchmarking opportunity to see where you stand.  Perhaps you are doing better than you think!

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