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    • video1Is Video Right For Your Business?
      Welcome to this month’s blog! We have roughly two months left in 2016 and I want to share some insights, statistics, and suggestions about utilizing online video for your business. Step out of your comfort zone and explore […]
    • snapchat new featuresOh Snap! The Rivalry of SnapChat vs Facebook Just Got More Interesting
      When it comes to technology, change happens at such a fast pace that just as we start to get used to something new, it changes again. We live in a very exciting time where we connect at the speed of light with opportunities […]
    • blog1Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising — Which Is Right For My Business?
      -Jesse Lubar, CEO OMG National We all know by now; Google AdWords is the standard by which all other advertising online is measured. They pioneered and perfected the medium, you’re either listed at the top of the page, or you’re […]
    • PAID-SEARCH-BEST-PRACTICESWhat are today’s Paid Search best practices?
      Many factors are at play when it comes to your online search strategy, more now than ever before. The right strategy plays an important role in the success or failure of a campaign. In the beginning, Google gave us the bid and […]
    • NEAR-ME-BLOG-HEADER“NEAR ME” Searches Have Doubled in The First 5 Months of 2016
      Micro-moments are a new type of search being performed millions of times monthly on Google. These are best defined as everyday digital search queries submitted by users who are looking to find something, buy something, or do […]


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