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    Telephone On-Hold Messages

    When you put your customers on Hold and all they hear is dead silence, they feel abandoned or think you have hung up on them. Let OMG National custom produce a Telephone On-Hold Message Program that will effectively communicate a message to your customer base. Our professional staff will research, script, voice, and post-produce your customized program tailored specifically with information you want to highlight.

    Using the latest in industry digital technologies combined with seasoned marketing savvy, we will give you the perfect staple to any marketing program. Dollar-for-dollar, there is no product that is as cost-effective or offers as significant of a competitive advantage as a Telephone On-Hold Message. Imagine the possibilities of what you can tell your callers while they are waiting: product information, hours, products, services and/or current promotions you are providing.

    An On-Hold message program is like having a customer fully trained service staff always delivering your business’s most pertinent information.


    Over the years, we have produced hundreds of radio commercial campaigns.  With the advent of Satellite Radio, XM, and Sirius, the landscape of radio advertising has changed, and OMG National is at the forefront of industry trends.



    Telephone On-Hold Message Scenarios

    “Since I was 17 years old, I have been extolling the benefits of adding custom on-hold programming as opposed to the other options which exist (i.e. radio, silence, generic messages, internal chimes or tones, etc.). Perhaps the best way to present this is to ask yourself one question, and then really explore it: how much is each call into your business worth to you? Now, this question is answered very differently for each business, but imagine you are an automotive repair facility and you have a prospective customer staring at your Yellow Page or online ad, and he is comparing prices by calling around.

    Jesse Lubar, President
    OMG National


    Two Scenarios That Unfold…


    Scenario #1

    “You have the guy who answers the phone professionally, answers all questions (with the sale in mind) and when he has to check price, he puts the call ON-HOLD and WOW, a professional, warm, and intelligent sounding voice is letting that caller know that, not only are you experienced automotive experts, but that you were recently named with a Top Choice Award by Angies’ List, which also assures the caller that you are trustworthy and provide great service.”


    Scenario #2

    “We have the shop who answers the phone out in the shop yelling, ‘Phil’s Repair, this is Ralph!’ He then quotes the price by yelling across the facility, ‘Hey Phil, I gotta guy who needs four Michelins… yeah, balanced… right, right… OK, I’ll tell him. Uh, hello buddy, buddy you there? Ok, yeah, it’s $999… yeah, with tax, just over a grand… well, ok, we’ll be here.'”


     Which Scenario Would You Choose?
    spac1On-Hold is not simply a product— it is an integral part of the overall strategy for your business. Ask for me personally, I will be happy to share with you just how we can specifically help you with your business.

    — Jesse Lubar, President, OMG National

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