Are You Ready to Get New Leads for Your Business from Facebook?

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More likely than not, you not only have a Facebook account but have also been targeted by a social ad when scrolling through your feed. Facebook has some of the most precise targeting capabilities and if launched and managed correctly, Facebook Ads have the ability to put your business in front of the right people at the right time, generating your business new qualified leads directly from Facebook as well as increased traffic and brand awareness. Is your business harnessing the power behind Facebook?

Facebook advertising is different from any other lead source that your business may have used in the past, it uses the most expansive set of demographic, interest, and geographic based-targeting ever available and with almost 3 billion active users, what are you waiting for?

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Getting your business new leads from Facebook is more complex than simply sending a friend request or sharing a post, there are many critical steps to launching a successful Facebook campaign for your business including but not limited to creativing captivating ads, selecting a competitive budget, building an audience with targeted initiatives, and managing the campaign closely. 

OMG National’s Facebook programs have been proven to increase brand awareness, traffic, and deliver fresh leads to our clients and as a Facebook Marketing Partner, we are intune with how Facebook Lead Ads units work and on behalf of our clients, ensure your business is being positioned in front of your target audience with the right messaging and placement. 

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At OMG, we understand the complexity and sensitivities of Facebook campaigns and all of our Facebook programs have been tested and proven to not only generate new qualified leads, traffic, and awareness for our clients but, we make the process seamless. We leave the behind the scenes work and heavy lifting to our certified Facebook team members from custom ad development to creating custom audiences that are in sync with your business goals, we use the latest advertising technologies, best practices, and proven solutions to deliver our clients fresh leads, EVERY DAY!

Are you ready to put your business in front of your target audience with the right messaging and placement on Facebook’s Newsfeed and Instagram stories? At OMG, we’ve got you covered and are eager to increase your business, click here to learn more!

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