Are You Maximizing Your Company’s Online Exposure?

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Are prospects finding, connecting, and selecting your business? Today, when prospects are in need of a service or product, they’re likely going to begin their search online – don’t you? 

There’s no better time than now to start driving results to your business – but first, you must lay the foundation for your company’s online presence and OMG National’s Local Marketing Essentials is strategically designed to do just that.  Easy, Affordable, Proven!

This powerful product combines both the building blocks of local search and social to help your business be found and selected by search prospects.

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Local Marketing Essentials is the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace that takes the entire customer journey into consideration – pre and post transaction. 

For over 30 years OMG National has been providing marketing solutions for businesses across the country. As technology evolves, our product offerings do as well. We have industry leading solutions that serve as the foundation for growing your business online and driving results.

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With the amount of competition and clever marketing tactics being used by all, ensuring your business remains top of mind after the initial transaction is just as important. We understand this critical step and help businesses target and connect with their customers using both search and social strategies. 

Local Marketing Essentials includes access to an OMG Digital Marketing Specialist that will work directly with you and is dedicated to your success online.

Our Digital Marketing Specialists are well-trained to identify the unique needs of your business and will work to maximize your performance by leveraging the power of Facebook and it’s billions of daily users to locate your target customers and create more meaningful interactions and connections that ultimately generate real results for your business. On the search front, we apply Google’s best practices to your Google My Business (GMB) profile through ongoing optimization and relevant signal posting to help you rank higher and get more customer views and engagement. 

Our Digital Marketing Specialists and team of over 100 industry experts never leave your side and never stop working on your behalf! We pride ourselves on real-time insights and results! 

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