All-New Online Marketing Report Card

All-New Online Marketing Report Card

Back in the mid 80’s, Michael Knight spoke to his car, “Kitt”, on Knight Rider. The crew of the Star Trek Enterprise spoke into a bracelet on their wrists on Star Trek. Slowly but surely, what seemed to be futuristic has become part of our lives.

From talking to our phones with Siri, to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, voice search is here to stay. Increasingly, more consumers have been turning to these devices to get answers to their top of mind questions and as a business operator, this is an important area for you to consider.

Recently, executives from OMG National participated in the Local Search Association’s annual event in California. One of the big topics which was on the minds of both marketers and solutions providers, was how voice search was going to affect the Search Marketing world. Recent surveys have shown nearly half of U.S. consumers are regularly using a variety of voice search devices or platforms. It’s not a fad, but it could be a movement.

Over the last 5 years, we have increasingly seen our clients take a more active interest in their local search results. For all the same reasons, it’s time to ensure that your company is prepared to tackle Voice Search and its impact and potential for helping to grow your small business.

With ComScore predicting that upwards of 50% of all Local Search queries will be voice searches within the next year, the time to act is now. The best way to begin is with an analysis of all your company’s online listings, determining which of them are integrated with a voice search network, and ensuring that your content has been created and structured in the right way.

If you’d like to know more about how OMG is handling this new phenomenon in Local Search, reach out today. Our team will prepare a complimentary Online Marketing Report Card. This comprehensive look at your Online Presence is an eye opener and will highlight opportunity as well as how your company stands compared to direct competitors and leaders in your industry.