All New Facebook Pro Product Strategically Designed to Locate Your Target Customers and Build Engagement

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Facebook is a powerful beast and OMG’s new Facebook Pro product has been strategically revamped to harness the true power behind it! OMG’s Facebook Pro leverages the billions of daily users on Facebook to locate your target customers, build meaningful engagement, and generate real results!  

For small businesses, Facebook is more than just a social platform to post pictures and videos of your products or storefront, it is a powerful network with a broad reach of prospects that can be targeted based on demographics, geographic, and even interests!

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Leveraging the true power of Facebook requires a strategic and disciplined approach which includes optimizing your business page, posting unique content, and generating engagement through like campaigns and boosted campaigns, all while targeting custom-built audiences. 

In addition to targeting new customers on Facebook, OMG’s Facebook Pro ensures that your business is staying top of mind, driving repeat transactions, and strengthening relationships with current customers! 

Facebook Pro also checks to be sure your Facebook page is tactically optimized to feed Google with the information it’s looking for to increase your rank in local search results. Yes, you read that right – Facebook (if optimized correctly) can increase your rank on Google! Facebook is one of the primary sources that Google pulls from in order for a business to gain relevance in local search. 

Routine optimization cycles are included in our Facebook Pro product to ensure your Facebook page is loaded with updated content regularly and feeding Google exactly what it needs to increase your rank online. 

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Facebook Pro was designed to capitalize on the true power of Facebook through every angle including call to action buttons on select posts allowing viewers to message your business directly through the post, book appointments, or even call! 

Using unique content as a vehicle to boost and drive engagement is just as important as the other points mentioned above, so we include custom graphics and videos in our Facebook Pro product. At OMG, we never use templates, so each post for your business is custom – nothing is ever repeated or stale. 

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To learn more about our all new Facebook Pro product, give us a call today 800-789-4619! Now’s the time to harness the true power of Facebook, are you ready?

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