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    Company History

    Our company, like all others, has a long and colorful history. It’s a story about family, faith, spirit, and ingenuity.

    Our story began in 1989, when a young Mike Rappaport, then in his early twenties, decided to hang his own shingle and started The Original On-Hold Company. Mike took the sales training he had gained selling radio commercials and applied the same formula and creativity to the On-Hold Messages. Mike’s ability to sell along with his abundant creativity, gave` The Original On-Hold Company the edge it needed to grow and thrive as one of pioneers of the burgeoning On-Hold Message industry.

    Across town, another company formed with the same product line and even some of the same employees. National Telephone Message Corp. was founded in 1990 by Irwin Lubar, an outsider to the creative world, Irwin had a career in banking, which flourished until the savings and loan crisis forced him to find a new profession. Irwin brought his children, Jesse and Naomi, into the business and when he retired in 2002, his son Jesse took over as President.

    The two companies ran independently and it was apparent to both Michael and Jesse that the internet had become their single biggest business threat. Both companies began to evolve with Original On-Hold venturing into website design, and National Telephone Message into e-mail coupons and service specific web directories.

    Over the years, Mike and Jesse had become aware of one another and had become friendly competitors. Each year at Christmas, they would meet up for breakfast to talk shop and the discussion would inevitably turn to the idea of a merger. Being independent operators, neither of them wanted to give up control, so they would enjoy a meal, shoot the breeze, and plan to meet again soon.

    In 2006, Mike had a near fatal event in his Ft. Lauderdale office. His liver was failing and causing bleeding varices, an internal bleeding caused by Hepatitis C induced cirrhosis of the liver. He was going to need a liver transplant; one of the most disruptive and intensive surgeries.

    During this time, Jesse reached out and offered assistance, and though Mike was initially skeptical of his motives, they began meeting frequently to discuss the possibilities that a merger would entail. It was an exciting proposition for both operators– a chance to expand and have a smaller piece of a larger entity.

    It took about a year to work out the logistics, but on August 13th, 2007, Mike packed up his team, their studio, and equipment, and the two companies joined forces in National Telephone Message’s Sunrise, Florida offices.

    The merger was textbook, with both companies able to shed redundancies and build on the most productive and creative team members. Initial sales increased drastically with seasoned representatives from both companies jockeying for lead positions and cross-selling was opening up enhanced opportunities for both groups.

    It was at this time that the company began to sell and produce more websites, and it was at this time that OMG first ventured into video. Before long, a complete digital studio center was added to the plethora of services and offering video became a core competency.

    In 2008, OMG began seeking to grow through acquisition. Mike and Jesse approached longtime friend and competitor, Stu Ginsberg, an industry veteran who had founded Hold-USA, an on-hold advertising firm with a focus on corporate accounts such as Autonation, Ryder Truck Rental, American Airlines, Macy’s, and others. OMG acquired Hold USA in early 2009 and began a string of smaller roll-ups as a way of growing their client base.

    In September 2009, Mike got the call. He went into Jesse’s office and proclaimed: “I’m gettin’ a liver!” A donor came through who, by the grace of God, was a match! Mike had a successful transplant surgery and began his recovery process. Astonishingly, he was back at work in 3 weeks, ready to resume his role as Chief Creative Officer.

    In 2012, OMG made its final push towards a new subscription based online marketing agency business model. Over the next couple of years through the end of 2015, the company saw sales increase nearly 100%.

    As we enter the summer of 2016, our online marketing subscription accounts hover around 1000 locations and the web, video, and on-hold business is as strong as ever. A leap of faith taken 9 years earlier, proved to be a powerful, change-inducing-formula for success! With a staff of 80 dedicated and experienced, full-time employees, OMG National will continue to work hard ensuring that it remains your go-to company for all marketing needs!

    Our Solutions. Your Success.

    JESSE-1990Jesse Lubar, 1990

    JESSE-1990Mike Rappaport, 1989