5 Factors That Contribute To Your Google Local Service Ad Rank

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Once a business is Google Guaranteed, they become eligible to run Google Local Service Ads – with Google Local Service Ads you’re only responsible for calls that last 30 seconds, but even calls over 30 seconds can be disputed and you can get credited back for calls that are not relevant to your business! These ads appear towards the very top of search results, even above paid ads!

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Google Guarantee ads are scored based on 5 factors- as a team, OMG National and your business can leverage these 5 factors and maximize your ranking:

  1. Responsiveness: Do you pick up the phone? 
  2. Quality and quantity of reviews: Do you have reviews? Are they positive reviews? 
  3. Proximity: How close is the user searching to your business location?
  4. Business hours: Google favors businesses being open longer hours.
  5. Customer complaints: Businesses with less complaints are favored by Google.

OMG National helps businesses get Google Guaranteed through our VIP approval process and then creates, launches, and manages Google Local Service Ad campaigns. As a team, OMG National and your business will ensure you’re leveraging all 5 factors and increase your score such as soliciting and managing reviews, ensuring your business information is accurate, and regularly updating your business listing to make sure everything is up to date. 

OMG National is a Premier Google Partner which allows us to provide real time data such as call tracking which allows us to modify and optimize your campaign in real time and provide recommendations to position your business more favorably in the eyes of Google. 

Google Local Service Ads are extremely powerful, check your businesses eligibility today !  

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