4 C’s Every Business Owner Should Consider Now More Than Ever

Omg Blog Header August 2020 01

As business owners, customers, content, consistency, and convenience are 4 things we should always be aware of but now, more than ever! 

  1. Customer: knowing what your customers want and need in these unprecedented times can position your business favorably. Customers are the lifeblood of businesses, they make the cash register ring; understanding your customers allows your business to provide the desired products and services especially throughout these unusual times.
  2. Content: now more than ever, content creation matters! Leveraging content serves as a communication between you and your customers / prospects and helps your businesses local ranking. OMG National’s industry leading technology allows businesses to see how they appear in search engines locally compared to their competitors, see how you rank here.
  3. Consistency: consistent posting and content sharing contributes to many algorithms which directly affect rank such as Google and other search engines. As mentioned above, content serves as a communication tool between you and your customers and in times like these, consistent communication is essential.
  4. Convenience: the entire sales process should be made convenient for customers from the very beginning such as finding your business and requesting information from your business; if your business is not accessible, your competition most likely is; see how your business ranks locally compared to your competitors, here

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