2017 – The Year of the Online Review

2017 – The Year of the Online Review

The data’s in, the experts agree. 2017 is the year of the Online Review.

It’s 7:58 am on a Monday as I write to you. Right now, thousands of business owners across the country are opening up shop, starting out on a new day. At the same time, thousands of consumers are preparing for a new day of commerce. Tires need changing, teeth need cleaning, driveways need sealing, you get the picture.

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Having been in the advertising business for 25 years, I can’t count the number of times a prospect has said to me, “we don’t advertise, it’s all word of mouth.” The internet and sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google My Business, and others then came along and took that “word of mouth” and spread it across the world. It became as easy as pie to find a service provider or new product which had glowing reviews from actual customers who had tried that service or product. Most of you reading this article have probably relied on online reviews yourself multiple times over the last couple of months.

As a business owner, Google has been a puzzle to figure out. How do I stand out? How do I get on the map results? How do I make my listing look right? Why can’t I stand out for my product in the Google results? Once you do figure it out, it all changes. These changes, when tracked and reviewed over time, though technical and wrapped up in complicated algorithms, are actually very simple to understand….

Is this result (your company’s or product’s link) the very best result for this search, or not?

If Google “thinks” it is, you’re golden. If not, you’re out of luck.

Your reviews are one important signal showing Google that you are relevant and prominent. Also, a recent change enables you to have your own first party customer reviews show up in the aggregate of trusted review sites.

As reviews are becoming more and more important to the SEO value of your company’s website, OMG National has made several key improvements to its review system with the roll-out of RS3, our 3rd generation review management platform. Once you generate reviews from your customers, our all-new Review Publishing System makes it easy to add those reviews to your website and local Pages. Powered by Schema.org’s listed best practices, our system now allows the search engines to display your star ratings directly in the organic SERP — boosting clickability and customer engagement. We added a “make it right” feature and video as well to encourage direct feedback to you in the event that a customer is displeased.

Make sure you have a system in place for handling your online reviews. This should include at a bare minimum the monitoring for and responding to reviews. Should you wish to learn more about some of the features of our Review Stream 3.0 system, nicknamed RS3, just reach out.

We’ll help you to solicit reviews via text or email, monitor for them, answer them, balance them across 3rd party sites like Yelp and Facebook, and most importantly, to leverage them for the benefit of search engine results.

Reviews have always been important, but until now they were not a factor in “search world.” This brings another change to grasp and yet another reason to consider a quick demo with one of the OMG guys!!

For OMG National, this is Jesse Lubar signing off with a smile.

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