OMG Crush: Paid Search



OMG Crush: Paid Search

OMG Crush: Paid Search


Fast Results -­ Businesses need results and want them fast. After a short “discovery” meeting we get to work identifying your “target audience”, create of your ads, analyze your competition and ACTIVATE! We get to Crushin’!

OMG CRUSH - Paid Search. Done Smart.

Measurable Results

From the total investment, to the ads, impressions, and clicks, OMG Crush makes it easy to see your ROI and validate your investment!

Independent of SEO & Google’s “Shifts” – We believe in organic SEO as a part of a balanced, online marketing approach, but with OMG Crush, you are assuring your placement! OMG Crush clients are not subject to Google’s whims or the wait times for organic optimization. We control the frequency, audience demographics, and ad placement. It’s our experts which will ensure that your spend is allocated for maximum impact.


Audience Reach

From device type, to location, keywords and phrases, time, date and more, OMG Crush will get your ad in front of the key customer type at the time when you are ready to do business. Need to speak to each new client? Schedule your inbound calls during office hours! Looking to drive traffic from new home owners in Tupelo, Mississippi? Broken down motorists in Los Angeles? Accident victims in Buffalo? With OMG Crush, we’ll granulate your ads to meet your core audience. No waste, just Crush it.

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Balanced Budget & Platform Selection

Perhaps your cost per click is $14 on Google, but you can attract the same quality prospect on Bing for $6, or generate phone calls with Google’s mobile ad network for $4. Think of the savings which can be directed back into revenue generating ad­spend. We balance your budget for maximum results.